Complicated (ragsan ss) shot 7


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Let’s begin….

San:tum sanskar ki ragini kab banogi..intezaar rahega us pal ka..par meri biwi banogi tum zaroor..yeh sanskar ka waada hai


San who was holding Ragini’s hand..he tightens his grip a lil
He turns and sees Ap and Rp
They came with servants to keep the shagun gifts for swara…bt i think they only got big shagun…

Ap:sanskar tum yeh kya keh rahe ho
San takes deep breath
Rp:i think he is not in his senses bhabhi you know sanskar wat r u talking?

Rp:sanskar…u r not understanding.. ragini
San:wat?she is an Autistic…aap yehi kehna chahte the hai na… I don’t know anything bt i know one thing that I Love Her
Ap:bt beta..its abt ur life your future…
San:i hv decided my future badi maa.. and..and my future is Ragini…
He was getting an unknown happiness to tell that Ragini is his future…
Rp:yeh kya bachpana hai sanskar…if your mom got to know then …
San:even she wanted me to marry…
Rp:sanskar tum baath ko ghuma rahe ho(ur changing the torpic)
San:then explain…give me some vali….
He sees all gadodia’s and laksh coming…
Lak sees the trio…
Lak:ma..any prblm
Ap sees him:no nthng laksh….
San:wait i vl tell Laksh
Lak:wat bhaai?
Rp:sanskar…ghar chalke..baath karte hai
San:kyu dad…wn its abt..
He leaves Ragini’s hand and he looks at her and then leaves from there…

Jan:any prblm ap ji…
Ap smiles weakly:no janki ji…
Later gadodia’s leaves from there

Lak:wat hpnd ma???
Ap:laksh..lets go inside first ….

San was in his room..he was frustrated..
He was moving here and there…

Rp and Ap comes there
San sees them:wat is the prblm if i marry ragini badi maa…
Ap:see sanskar…till now u were not interested in if you suddenly say that u want to…..
San interrupting: then u should be happy
Rp:u r not understanding son..its abt your future sanskar…
San:dad..i m repeating the same…my future is ragini..if not Ragini then no one
Ap lil loudly:bt you think Ragini will full fill your needs.. ok if we agree too..dont you want a future wr u want someone to call you dad… If something like that happens you will regret
San smiles:may be a…no…because there are many couple who are not blessed with babies…bt one thing is for sure in future i would hv no regret on my decision bcs i vl hv Ragini with me
Rp:wat rubbish?
San:u vl feel it dad bcs u want your son to hv a great trust me dad ragini vl be my brightest future
Rp:bt beta….
San was looking at the door
Ap amd Rp too sees they sees suji there… Who was glaring sanskar

Suji:wow my son has grown up..she claps
Suji:the guy who could never take a decision on his own..he needed his family for his every he is taking his decision…today he is going against his family
All families gathered there
San:yes r ryte..i needed my family in my every decisions.. Bt i m expecting that my family should support me now..
Suji:i would hv..if nobody supported you..i would hv supported you.. Bt this time you are taking wrong decision..
San:ma…i love her…
Suji:u can’t marry her
San: why?
Suji:she is abnormal
This made heatup his anger
San angrily shouts:MAAAA…
Everyone are shocked seeing his anger
He was so calm it was his habit.. bt wat hpnd in a fraction of second

To be continued…..

Aashiqui after 29 th or on 29th

Do tell me how was the part…
No Ragsan scenes.. Situation demanded…


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