Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan) Shot 4 by Marsuu


Sunshine In The Darkness (SwaSan)
Shot 4:
Recap: swasandit went for shopping. Kavya’s entry, she is related to sanskar’s past.

Next Morning, Sanskar came downstairs for breakfast in his casuals as its sunday. He got surprised to see shiddat playing with sujata. He wander his eyes for swara but she is not there.
” umm ahh” shiddat make noise as she saw sanskar. He went near her and took from sujata.
” where is swara??” Sanskar asked as he settle himself on sofa and shiddat in his lap.
” she went to playschool for sometimes as she got urgent call” sujata answered.
” ohhh” sanskar reacted then look at shiddat who is trapping his not so big beard in her little fingers.
” what are you doing??” Sanskar asked. Shiddat stare his face trying to know what he want to say. She take out her tongue then lie on his chest. Sanskar smile at her antics.
Then only swara came, sanskar notice her she looks dull and tired.
” your mamma came” sanskar whisper in shiddat’s ear.
Shiddat turn and saw swara. Swara came near and took shiddat.
” i hope she didn’t disturbed you” swara asked from sanskar.
” she never do” sanskar replied and moved towards dinning table.
” swara come and have breakfast” sujata said as she set the dining table.
” no aunty ji i will have later” swara denied.
” i won’t listen anything come and sit moreover i have boiled milk for shiddat” sujata said. Swara was not able to deny so she went to dinning table and sit infront of sanskar with shiddat in her lap.
Swara put milk bottle in shiddat’s mouth and start having her breakfast lost in her thoughts.
” swara why they called you so early and on Sunday?” Sujata asked while eating. Swara waited for few seconds before answering and said
” they want me to work at night shift as teachers are less at that time but i resigned bcoz its not possible with shiddat” swara sadly explained.
Sanskar stare at swara. Now he understood that she sad bcoz she lost her job.
” children come at night also in playschool?” Sujata asked.
” actually some live permanently there so to take care of them” swara replied politely.
There was silence when swara’s phone rings. Swara got blank looking at the caller id. She can’t go other side to talk as shiddat is in her lap.
” hello” swara received taking deep breath.
” yeah i will transfer within one or two days” swara answered when someone said something on the other side.
” thank you” saying swara cut the call. Sanskar can sense she is so tensed and absent minded. He wish to ask but than he has no right to interpret in her life.
” so now where u will work?” Sujata asked.
” let’s see i need to find a new job” swara said. Soon she finished her breakfast and went to her room.

Swara is sitting on the bench in the garden while shiddat is on the mattress on the grass with so many toys scattered around her. Swara is staring hopelessly at a point.
Swara’s pov:
Really tough time for me. I urgently need money to pay my previous rent. Earlier i used to live in hoogly but then all start addressing shiddat as illegitimate child bcoz she has no father and i don’t want my daughter to grow in such a cheap society. So i moved to kolkata and my friend Akash helped me to get the job which also i lost. He is even helpless under the owner of the playschool. Well I’m only unfortunate one.In the morning i got call from my old owner of the house where i used to live. I want to pay her the money soon and get rid of her. The little money i have is needed for shiddat and to survive in this city. I’m in a huge mess don’t know what to do. I badly need job but who will give me??
Swara’s pov ends.
Swara’s chain of thoughts was broken when she heard some voice when she lifted her head she saw sanskar is there near shiddat. He saw swara then kissing shiddat’s cheeks went to bench.
” hello” sanskar said sitting little far from her.
” hey” swara smile as usual fake one.
Before swasan could continue talking to each other, swara’s phone rings. She saw its unknown number.
” hello!! Whose there??” She asked.
Sanskar noticed swara’s forehead lined and she got furious as the person introduced.
” don’t you dare to call me arjun we don’t have any link with you” swara shouted getting angry.
After few seconds she again roared
” why should i tell where is she??? Just stay away arjun” swara cut the call not giving any chance to speak to the person on the other side.
Swara closed her eyes leaning on the back. Sanskar was till now observing swara’s each and every expressions.
” is arjun shiddat’s father and swara’s ex husband??? Yeah in shiddat’s locket also it is A alphabet. So he is trying to contact swara again. What if swara will go back to him. She is angry with him and what if he will pacify her??” sanskar was thinking all this and he felt pinch in his heart.
” are you Okay??” Sanskar asked as he look at her.
” yeah ” swara mumble.
” swara what’s your qualifications??” Sanskar asked suddenly.
” I’m graduate and did my bcoz of some personal problems i was not able to complete” swara explained.
” alright come with me to office tomorrow” sanskar thoughtfully said.
” why??” Swara asked being in dilemma.
” see you can get the job of my pa bcoz it don’t need any high qualification” sanskar said.
Swara liked the idea, she need job and he is providing her.
” that’s fine but where will be shiddat all the time” swara asked.
” she can be with mom or sometimes you can bring her to office also” sanskar replied.
Swara don’t have any reason to deny this offer moreover she need job.
” okay thank you so much” swara smile.
” be ready at 8 in the morning” sanskar said and swara nodded.
Suddenly they heard shiddat’s scream. SwaSan got shocked when they saw shiddat lying on the floor and her head is bleeding.
Swara ran to her followed by sanskar. Swara took her in her lap and cover shiddat’s head with her dupatta.
” she hit her head with rock” sanskar said looking at the rock nearby which has blood.
”” swara stammer wiping her blood.
” let’s go to hospital i will take the car out” sanskar said and ran to the parking place.
Swara picked shiddat who has closed her eyes which made swara more panick.
” sanskar she is not opening her eyes” swara said as they left towards the hospital
” she will be fine don’t worry” sanskar consoles swara though he himself is tensed.
Soon they reached the hospital and went to doctor’s cabin.

SwaSan are standing little far from the bed where doctor is dressing shiddat’s wound. She is unconscious but doctor cleared its just minor injury which will be cured in few days.
Swara sniffs and sanskar get to know she is still crying. Sanskar held her hand, swara look at him then at the their entangled hands.
” shiddat is fine” sanskar slightly lean towards her and said slowly. Swara look in his eyes and they shared a sweet short eyelock.
” hmm” swara didn’t tried to free her hand above all she didn’t felt uncomfortable.
After doctor was done with dressing, swasan went to shiddat.
” when she will awake??” Swara asked caressing her hairs.
” very soon” sanskar whisper.
They keep on staring shiddat who is enjoying her sound sleep.
” shiddat” swara called as she open her eyes. Shiddat look at swasan rubbing her eyes. She start giggling,
” we were so worried and here this naughty girl is laughing” sanskar softly pull her cheeks softly.
Sanskar lean and kiss her forehead.
“Your mamma was so scared” sanskar said looking at swara.
” she is my everything” swara mumble.
” i know” sanskar squeeze swara’s hand.
To be continued…

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