Kaash….Maybe if….. Chapter 4


In Chennai ….
When Appu came back to her desk after an hour after her meeting she was shocked to find 10 missed calls on her mobile, when she opened it she started trembling as the calls were from St.Anotny’s school were Abhi studied. She just felt on her chair anticipating the worst as everything was alright when she dropped him at school the day earlier it was only an hour past lunch time…..
With trembling hands she called back
Appu: Hello……….
School staff: Hello St.Anotny’s school
Appu: I am Aparajeeta Boose I got a call from your school few hours befor. Sorry I was not able to attend the call….
School staff: Ok sorry but I don’t know why you got the call but can you tell if we have any person related to you working or studing in our school
Appu: Ya my nephew Abhimanyu Narang studies in your school in standard I
School staff: Ok then you are Abhimanyu Narang’s ward. We called many contact numbers but none were responding…
Appu: But what happened…
School staff: Abhimanyu Narang meet with an accident
Appu: Whaattt………….
School staff: We are sorry to inform you this but mam……
Appu: Sorry my foot…… When did this happen????…. How is he????…. Where is he????
School staff: Calm down madam…… Let me speak…..
Appu: My child met with an accident and you are telling me to calm down…. (She shouted)
School staff: But mam…..
Just then her college Vishal took phone from her
Vishal: Tell me what happened?
School staff: Abhimanyu Narang met with an accident during the lunch hour and had been taken to the MGR medical college an hour back….. ( she said in one go) We were trying to contact his parents but none of the contact numbers were responding so…….
Vishal : It’s ok we are reaching there…..
Vishal tried to console the crying Appu, but he too did not know what to do as no one has ever seen Aparajeeta Boose even lost, forget about crying but here she was sitting like a lifeless body…… Vishal shook her out and said that
Vishal : Get up Miss. Boose we have have to get to hospital as soon as possible. And don’t worry nothing would have happened to you nephew……
Appu: Yes you are right and I have to inform others too….. I don’t know how I will do that
And she started crying again.

In car……
Vishal: It’s ok calm down….. lets reach hospital first…
Appu tries to Tammy first as she did not know how the other two will react…. At last she got Venu phone
Appu: Hello……( crying)
Venu: Hello…… What happened Appu di why did you call at this time… And why are you crying….
Appu: Ve……Venu wo…( she was stammering and not able to form words)
Venu: En Prachnam… What happened why are you crying…. Please tell me now you are really scaring me…..
Appu: Abhi….. Abhi….
Venu: What happened to Abhi…… Tell na di… don’t cry…..
Appu: He met with an accident and is taken to MGR medical college…..
Venu was now beyond shock….
Venu: Just wait hearing is going on for case its about to wrap I will reach there with mam soon….
Appu: Please do it fast and inform Jo and Maya, I don’t have strength to call them
Venu : It’s ok di I will inform them you reach the hospital soon
As soon as Venu cut the call he went to Tammy and told her to warp the case as it was urgent
She was really angry as she had asked for a forward date for her winning case which she wished to finnalise soon. It was a high profile rape case and she never wished to prolong the justice and give way to escape to the culprit. But all her anger vanished as Venu told her about the accident and she quickly rushed to the hospital.

In the hospital…….
Appu: What the hell are you doing…… why has treatment started yet…..
Nurse: Sorry mam it’s a police case…… and there are some formalities to be completed.
Appu: To hell with your formalities……. Where is the doctor……. See how much blood is there……
Vishal: Please Aparajeeta mam….. Don’t shout we will talk
Vishal : Please mam where is the doctor….. Please start the treatment….. See how critical the child is…..
But the hospital authorities were not paying any heed…… Just then they heard a shout……
Tammy: Who the hell is the in charge here….. And you don’t know the rules the accident patient has to be given treatment first, the police case can follow. And yes you try to find a new job because you are going to lose this ( Tammana Shouted) Venu please file the case against the duty duty doctor and the staff here I will look it myself that all their licenses are cancelled.
Doctor1: Sorry mam we will give treatment now only don’t file the case
Doctor2: Sorry mam nurse is new she did not know the rules….
Doctor1: She did it only since it was a police case..
Doctor2: We are starting the treatment soon..
Tammy: No need we are shifting him to City hospital if you could please arrange an ambulance or you don’t even have that..
Doctor1: But the patient is critical mam
Tammy: just do as I say
After this this Ambulance came and took abhi to City hospital along with Appu and Tammy went to Police Station.
Doctor1: Who the hell was she????
Man1: You don’t know her????
Doctor1: NO….
Man2: Well she the famous advocate Tammana Shah and Soul sister of Murli Anna.
Doctor1: WHAT??? Why did anyone not tell me this befor I think I must go back to Jamnagar soon as if I stay here I will not have either my degree or my life…..
(Murli Anna was a local politician and Don although he had left gundagardi but still he is feared immensely and he consider Tammana as his sister as she had saved his life once and its Jo who inspired him to start a new life)

In City Hospital….
As soon as Abhi was taken there he was shifted to ICU and his treatment started. Jo, Appu and Meghu were sitting like a lifeless body and their Tai Didi was supporting them all were tensed……
Meghu: Dr. Hussain How is Abhi what is his condition now…
Dr. Hussain: Sorry Dr. Narang we cannot say anything now. The test result are awaited and he has not gained his conscious till now and if he does not in next 48 hours then sorry he can go in coma.
Meghu: No doctor this can’t happen he is just a kid, do anything I beg of you do any treatment anything please……………….
Dr. Hussain: We are trying our best Dr. Narang, but being a doctor you know our limits…………
Everyone was crying and praying that Abhi just gain his conscious soon before 48 hours. And Jo was admitted in the next room as she fainted on hearing this news. Soon Tammy reached the hospital and was also shocked to hear the news. After some times Appu just asked
Appu: Who the hell was driving the car?????

Sorry guys for the late update hope you forgive me afterall its Christmas…………….
I know today’s episode war boring but it was necessary for the story to move ahead. The real story will begun from next episode so please stay tuned and vote………….


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