SwaSan-Two line love stories


#no credits to me!! i have searched these alott and writing her now..

Lets start:-
Can anyone define love? Maybe or may not. We are not even sure if love is meant to be defined… Perhaps, it’s an emotion that we feel. It is unconditional, they say and so we can’t analyze our love stories with a check mark of success or failure. When it’s there, it’s beautiful and when it isn’t, we keep looking for it. So here are 13 two-line love stories that are so heartbreaking!
1)Only if she knew..
Swara believed love lasted forever..
She didnt knew his forever had an
expiry date!!
2)Lost her,lost love…
Sanskar was a champion!!
He always used to win and
He didnt even realize when he lost her
3)Her smile have must be so beautiful..
Sanskar fell in love with Swara s smile
7 yrs later,he cant make her smile!!
4)Her faith in love was yet not lost!
Swara couldnt trust him anymore..
But her faith in love was still not lost!!
5)Her voice was enough for him…
Swara gave him the freedom of calling her
Once in a blue moon after their breakup
It was enough oxygen for Sanskar to survive!!
6)Aww… After all, love doesn’t need words!
She sung a beautiful hymn to him that night
Her fingers were her voice
Sanskar felt the music through Swara s eyes
And that became their language!!
7)Till the end!
Sanskar vowed that he would always
Be the first thing he eyes sees every morning
So he closed her eyes,
At her funeral..

I just wanted to share with u guys sorry if u felt boring!…


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