Samaina’s lovely life! Introduction……


Hello samaina fans. I am presently the author of the fan fiction “Totally fallen for you”. I want to thank all the guys who have supported me and encouraged me to write more and more and thanks to the silent readers too…..

Guys, when a friend of mine of tellyupdates said to all the ff(fan fiction) writers, updaters to show the fandom power of yeh un dinon ki baat hai and especially samaina power, I was thinking of how to improve my writings and suddenly I got an idea to start an another fan fiction on samaina. So, I am going to write another fan fiction dedicated to samaina and all of their lovely fans by the name “Samaina’s lovely life”. So, this is just a brief introduction to it. If you guys love it, I will start writing the whole story!!!

See guys, we are all watching the show and it’s a beautiful love story ever seen or heard. And we all want to see samaina get married on screen. So, I thought why not to make them together in my imaginative story. So, this is going to be my plot. In my story, the main leads are going to get married but with a twist in the story. The story revolves on how they are going to settle their married life. Will they ever be happy? What happens when they meet in a marriage proposal brought for each other? How are they going to react? How will they agree for the marriage?

This is my plot and if everything goes nice, then I will start writing the story! What’s your opinion guys? Did you like the plot? Are you guys excited for the story? And don’t worry about my previous story. I will continue writing both the stories simultaneously….. Please give your opinions below in the comments box. Enjoy reading my friends!!! Love to all the samaina fans…..


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