Regretted Revenge (SwaSan) Shot 7 by Marsuu


Regretted Revenge (SwaSan)
Shot 7:
Recap: swasan marriage and consummation. Sanskar’s rude behaviour with swara. Sanskar told her, he married for revenge.

At Night:
Swara is sitting on the floor and her head is resting on her knees. Her tears are not ready to stop as Sanskar’s harsh words keep on revolving in her mind. She lifted her head and saw its 10 at night. Gaining little strength, she stood and went out of the room. There is silence all around. Rakesh and kamini are still out and they are going to come tomorrow and sanskar is no where. Swara sign in relief as she don’t want to meet sanskar. She is alone in huge mansion so to kill her time she thought to prepare dinner for sanskar and herself. 
After half an hour, swara is busy with her work when she heard footsteps approaching her. With each coming step,she skip her beat bcoz she has idea that he is sanskar. Swara don’t have guts to face him and before she could turn, swara felt cold hands around her waist, his breath hitting her neck. She shivered under his touch.
” sanskar” the only whisper came out of her already dried throat.
Sanskar didn’t replied and started kissing her neck. Swara felt uncomfortable bcoz its not his love she can feel that.
When it was enough for her, she applied her full force and pushed sanskar. His eyes turn red in rage.
” how dare you pushed me” sanskar held her shoulder tightly.
” sanskar please move back i can’t bear alcohol smell” swara said turning her face other side as sanskar is heavily drunk. Sanskar didn’t paid any heed to her words and placed his lips on her. Swara closed her eyes as he was chewing and sucking her soft lips recklessly. Swara felt dizzy due to lack of air but sanskar is such a devil, he left her after satisfying himself.
” next time push me and you will see the worst of me” sanskar dangerously warned.
He left her waist which is all red, and turn to leave when swara shouted 
” why are you doing this sanskar??” Sanskar also got surprised with her tone.
” its my revenge” he smirk while saying.
” which revenge?? What i did to you?? Sanskar i never knew you before few months, i was just your fan but then you proposed me and i thought i love you that’s all i did then revenge for what??” Sanskar was staring her till now as she was shouting taking out her frustration.
” you seriously don’t know??” Sanskar came near her and asked raising his eyebrow. Swara shook her head, fear clear in her eyes.
Sanskar held her wrist and dragged her to the room which sanskar visited in the evening.
Sanskar pushed the door and they came inside, after locking the door sanskar turn and look at swara who is in shock as walls are covered with swasan pics. They are all so new to her, she can’t believe she had spend all this time with him. 
” something came in your mind?” Sanskar whisper in her ear from back making swara flinch at her place. She look at him with perplexed eyes.
” 31st December, 2014″ he huskily mumble wandering his lips on her cheeks. Swara’s chest is raising and falling bcoz of all the happenings. She is standing in the middle of the dim room with her pics all around which she never clicked above all sanskar’s proximity.
Sanskar moved back and sit on the chair infront of swara. 
” still you don’t remember anything??” Sanskar asked.
” no” swara said closing her eyes for a second.
” ohh alright i won’t mind repeating the story” he said sarcastically.

” swara come fast” sanskar shouted standing near his car.
” here I’m” swara squealed as she came out. Sanskar got mesmerized seeing her in black dress. He moved close to her and pull her closer holding her waist.
” looking pretty” he whisper kissing her lips.
” thanks” swara blushes.
” let’s go” sanskar open the passenger door for her.
After few mins, swasan reached the club where they had planned to celebrate their 31st night. They went inside towards their friend.
” do you want to dance??” Sanskar asked from swara bcoz laksh along with their other friends.
” sure” swara nodded and they went to dance floor.
SwaSan went to dance floor. They were busy in dancing with each other when swara’s mobile rings.
” i will be back” swara said. Sanskar nodded and she left.
Sanskar was waiting for swara but she is no where from last one hour.
Sanskar thought to go out to find her. Sanskar keep on walking and he reach at the lonely road. He tired swara’s no. but it’s switch off. He was about to go back to club when he felt hand on his shoulder. He turn back only to see swara.
Sanskar: swara u here??
Swara smirks and said
Swara: u did a big mistake by trusting me.
She said with venom in her voice. Sanskar look in her eyes which were totally blank.
Before sanskar could say anything, he felt sharp pain in his stomach. As
he looked down, blood was flowing profusely. He looked at swara who was holding knife filled with his red blood. Yes she stabbed him,his love of life stabbed him. His physical pain got overcome with his inner pain which his heart is feeling after facing his love’s betrayal.
Sanskar fall on the ground as his legs denied to support him. His eyes are still fixed on swara who has no expressions neither happy sad pain guilt regret nothing.
Swara came close to him and whisper
Swara: keep lying here till you die.
She got up and left from there leaving Sanskar fighting between life and death.
Sanskar’s eyes got heavy and eventually got closed.
Flashback ends.
Swara gasps as she heard the story. She was beyond shocked to speak at the moment.
” we were happy!! No no it was me who was living in the fantasy world that we are happy. It was all your plan to trap me for my money and again you started planning by acting as my fan but no swara though i married you but i will leave you within one or two months” sanskar said gulping his tears.
” sanskar i never did this trust me” swara held his hand.
Sanskar pull her closer and said with venom
” trust and you neverrrr moreover i have a girlfriend kavita so after leaving you i want to settle with him” sanskar kiss her cheeks.
” you are cheating on me??” She asked and her tears are not ready to stop.
” yes and i don’t regret” he accepted. Sanskar jerk her and left the room leaving behind shattered swara.
To be continued…..

This was sanskar’s side story which he know and the other side will be shown in coming updates.
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