What kind of love is this?? By a Khidkitod ishqbaazi girl (Part 3)


Sorry for being so late.n this time no answer for the question as I have no idea about my soulmate n all next question I will answer for sure

What kind of love it is??

Anika:It’s me Shivaay not any ghost

Shivaay:I got frightened why are u looking like this???face full of powder lipstick💄💄 oh my god today u broke Tia’s make up level.U look like ghost 👻👻👻👻
Anika:Saira did this make up because it’s a special day for u and she wanted me to look good n she did this make up
Shivaay:u should have washed you face and removed it
Anika:I couldn’t she is my best friend and how could I do it?? I want her to be happy.
Shivaay:And spoil my romantic mood
Anika:I didn’t mean that do u love my face only?? If I get older will u hate me because I am not beautiful??
Shivaay:Why do u talk like that?? I got frightened that’s why I will love u till death and even after death??
Anika:What kind of love it is??
Shivaay:Ohho u too liked my movie
Anika:Shut up I didn’t like that movie at all I am asking about our love.
We are meeting by hiding our love is a top notch secret n hmmm I really don’t know what kind of love it is??
They was a splash of water 💦💦💦on her face.
Shivaya:madness love
Before she answers him back Anika gets a call from Saira.Saira says that warden is doubting she asked where u r I said u r in bathroom pls come to hostel fastttt.
She says this to Shivaya n says byeeee Shivay I have to go see u tomorrow wear this shirt n come byeee n runs from there.
Shivay in mind
This girl drives me mad.In middle she would say lets go to park.Like who goes to park at night 12 we break all rules n jump inside the park pluck flowers throw mud on each other n someone she says a bye in middle n goes.Ok now let me go home.

Kaka and Shivay goes to home.

Precap:Seperation track

I will finish this one in 2-3 episode.I don’t want to drag it.The idea what I had is very small so I will try to post the next one tomorrow.
Pls comment plsssssss it’s really important for me

So this epi’s question
U are in love with someone do u want a hidden love or everybody should know??



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