Two hearts with one beat epi 22… ragsan


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Ragsan meet in a temple..Ragini was dressed in a beautiful lehenga
Sanskar: why did you call me to temple.
Ragini: Wo You said na you will do whatever I say ..
Sanskar: haa.
Ragini: So I arranged for our marriage.Today we will get married.
Sanskar gets shocked.
Sanskar: what?Marriage? Mental are you mad .no one in our family knows.
Ragini: so what we will surprise them.
Sanskar looks on tensed.He decides to tell her about his dream girl.Ragini notices him.
Ragini: areh baba don’t worry .I am kidding.
Sanskar sighs in relief .
Ragini: by the way what is your problem in marrying me.Can you give one reason.
Sanskar: I have two reasons for not marrying you .First we cant get married because its illegal to marry a kid which you are.. my kiddo.(he pokes her forehead with his finger)
Ragini: mean notice me sanskar I am grown up..
Sanskar: no matter what you will be kiddo..kiddo ragini..My mental kiddo..And second reason I will tell you when time comes…
Ragini pouts.
Sanskar: now tell me why did you call me here.
Ragini: wo I had a crazy idea..
She holds her pallu and ties it to the hem of his shirt…
There is a background music of ghatbandhan…
Sanskar: it looks like ghatbandhan.
Ragini: yeah but today whole day you will be officially mine.I am tying you to myself..
Sanskar looks on smiling..

They come to MM..Everyone was having chitchat..
Swara notices ragsan and calls sanskar.
But he doesn’t come forward..
Swara: sanskar what is wrong with you?
Sanskar: ragini’s orders ..
He shows the pallu and shirt tied to eachother..
Swara gets angry ..
Swara: how dare you ragini .
She tries to open it..
Ragini: don’t you dare touch it.
Swara: are you crazy.what you think of yourself.
Janki laughs at sanskar..
Janki: sanskar you are always so busy..finally ragini found a way to tie you.
Swara gets more irked.
Swara: mami..she is doing her manmani her and you are laughing.Ask her to untie sanskar ..
Sanskar: relax swara why r you getting hyper.
Swara: sanskar I am tired of it.This girl is making us play on her tunes and you are supporting her.Dont know what she will do tomorrow…Look I don’t feel safe around this girl.Ask her to unite you right now.
Shekhar feels hurt.Ragini gets angry and janki notices it.
Before ragini could say anything janki interrupts her.
Janki: ragu beta untie sanskar..why to have fights..
Ragini hesitatingly unties it.
Sanskar sees her sad..
Sanskar: hey mental..You untied me.That means my punishment is still remaining. How about your favourite panipuri date with me..
Ragini hugs him happily …

Swara leaves angrily..
..That evening ragini was in her room..she was thinking about sanskar …The way he held her feet and said sorry.His antics everything was making her go more crazy..
Ragini: sanskar you are making me mad..
Sanskar: because I love you..
She finds sanskar close to her..
He moved close to her and held her by waist.his other hand was in her hair .hi gently rubbed her lower lip with his thumb.
Ragini: sans…
Sanskar: sshh..Just look into my eyes.
He made her stand on his feet and and was making slight motions of dance..
Suddenly someone barged into their room.
It was swara and mahi .Ragini looks at sanskar but it was pillow not sanskar..She hit her face with pillow.
Mahi: are you really mental.Why are you dancing with pillow?
Swara: oh mahi don’t you know..Madam is dreaming about sanskar..(She said sarcastically)I mean day dreaming.
Ragini rolls her eyes..
Ragini: what to do? At night sanskar don’t let me sleep so I have to dream in the day time..
Swara: dream about sanskar as much as you want ..because soon he will be mine and then I wont even let you think about him.
Ragini looks confused.
Swara: guess what today..I will be proposing sanskar..
Ragini gets shocked.
Swara: then sanskar will be mine..You continue dreaming.
Ragini smiles .
Ragini: don’t worry swara I will spoil it.
Swara glares her..
And leaves the room followed by mahi.
Ragini’s smile fades..
Ragini: what to do?..I was confident infront of her but what should I do……

Later that night swara arranges everything on the terrace for sanskar it was all filled with roses.There was a cake on the table…She was wearing a long strapless red gown. …
Sanskar comes there and gets confused seeing all the decoration.
Sanskar: swara? What is all this?
Swara moves close to him.
Sanskar feels uncomfortable.
Swara: this is for you ..A small surprise.
Sanskar feels more uncomfortable.
Swara: Sanskar I have been waiting to tell you this for a long time..Actually I…I..
A voice: Sanky…
Swara and sanskar turn around to see ragini leaning against the doorway of terrace.
She was wearing black net saree with a sleevless blouse.It was below her waist line .Her hair was open and she was smoking hot in that saree. Her voice was damn husky making sanskar’s throat go dry..
Swara gets irked.
Swara: don’t you have manners ?
Ragini: this is not your bedroom.By the way sansku..I need your help.
Sanskar who thinks this as an opportunity to escape immediately goes to ragini.
Sanskar: haa come lets go.
Ragini links her arm through his and winks at swara.
Swara follows them.
Ragini takes him to his room.
Ragini : sanskar I was packing my bag .Please get it for me na..
Sanskar looks at her bag which was on the cupboard.
Sanskar: how did it go that far.
Ragini : Yuvi bhai kept it for me.
Sanskar: he is not that tall…
He looks at it confused.
Ragini smirks at swara.
Ragini takes and stool and pushes her back on the top shelf of cupboard ..
FB ends..
Sanskar: is there any stool here?
Ragini: no(innocently)
Sanskar: even I cant reach it..Ok come I will pick you up you take it.
Ragini nods eagerly.
Sanskar picks ragini by holding her waist…Ragini looks at swara who was fuming and pushes the bag more far away.
Sanskar: ragu hurry up.
Ragini immediately pushed the cupboard and because of the force sanskar stumbles and both fall on the bed on top of each other..
Swara comes angrily and snatches sanskar and takes him from that room to terrace again.
Ragini: ragu stop her .Do something.
She also follows them.
But swara closes the door so ragini is not able to hear anything.
Sanskar: what was that swara?
Swara: what was that? Sanskar I made all this for you.I love you sanskar.I love you a lot.
Sanskar gets shocked..
Sanskar: what?
Swara: haa I love you.Please say yes sanskar.I cant live without you.
Sanskar: swara I don’t think of you like that.You know I don’t love you.Please don’t force me.
HE leaves from there ..swara gets angry ..She starts spoiling everything and throws the cake..

Swara runs to her room crying and breaks all the things in her room.
Swara: I want you sanskar..You cant reject me.I have to get you…
She takes a knife and slashes her wrist..Blood starts dripping through her wrist..She writes I love you sanskar all over the walls..
Swara falls down weakly.
Swara: you are mine sanskar..I will make you mine…You will have to marry me…
She falls unconscious …

EPi ends…

Precap: swara weds Sanskar …then ragini?????


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