Raglak ff: She is my wife (Part 21)


Laksh was driving the car and Ragini was looking out through the window enjoying the scenario.
Laksh: Ragini?
Ragini without looking at him said: Mmm.
Laksh in a small voice: Shall we go for a shopping? (Ragini looked at him confused and Laksh noticed it so he completed saying) For our champ!
Their gaze locks on Ragini’s 4 month baby bump. They both smiled genuinely. Ragini looked at Laksh who was waiting for her answer. She nodded and said with a smile: Ok!
Laksh grinned at her and turned his car. A car which was following them from the office noticed the change of direction of Laksh’s car and followed it at that direction leaving some distance.
Raglak reached a mall. Ragini was excited to see the kid’s section. Its mere appearance brought a big smile to Ragini. Some couples were shopping for their kids that made her grin. Laksh was patting his own shoulder saying “Good Job!” like appreciating himself for bringing her here. Ragini first noticed a cot hanging toy. She was looking at everything with a curious smile. She traced her hand softly on it and looked at Laksh grinning who was admiring her each and every reactions.
Ragini: How about this?
Laksh smiled and said: Perfect!
Ragini grinned and selected it. Her eyes then fall on the big soft teddy bears. She literally dragged Laksh there and grinned at them. Laksh was taking pictures without her knowledge. Ragini without breaking the eye contact with teddy pulled Laksh’s blazer and said: Laksh! How about this? No…No…That! …Hey that one!! Nah this one!! Omg this is perfect!! WOW….it’s the final one…oops u r the most cutest one…but u r the most softest one…Omg that’s my favorite color….and that…
Like that she pointed to most of the teddies; she didn’t even allow Laksh to say something. Laksh tried to say but she was busy in talking to herself. So Laksh snapped his finger near her ear. She jerked and looked at Laksh innocently.
Laksh smiled and said: Take whatever u want, how much ever u want!
He chuckled when he sees Ragini’s mouth was in ‘o’ shape. He closed it with her chin and signed her to choose teddies. Ragini was taking some teddies and suddenly Laksh asked: But Ragini, they both were looking same.
Ragini shook her head in no and said: Laksh this is in sitting posture and this is in standing position.
Laksh looked at her with disbelief while Ragini took same like the last one, before Laksh could say something Ragini said: See this is asking us to hug it while the other two were just sitting and standing.
Laksh chuckled and said: Ok ok bachha! Take that too. (He showed another one.)
Ragini nodded vigorously and pulled Laksh’s cheek saying: Aww mera bachha!
Laksh looked at her in shock but then frowned complaining: Hey that’s my dialogue!
Ragini showed her tongue and turned away. Laksh was just enjoying this side of Ragini after many days of her cold shoulder.
Then Ragini was choosing clothes for her champ while Laksh’s eyes were busily wandering on all small baby girls dress. He selected many clothes from it and Ragini noticed it.
Ragini: Laksh! These are clothes for girls, select from here (She pointed where she was selecting for her champ.)
Laksh smiled and said: I know Ragini! This is for my future princess!
He winked at her while Ragini looked at him with disbelief. She murmured something while glaring at him and went to select for her champ while Laksh happily selecting for his ‘future’ princess.
After a while Laksh felt something on his chest; he looked down and found Ragini keeping a baby’s dress on his chest and looking him up and down then showing some expression on her face, then she takes another dress and tried like before on him. Laksh looked around and found some were looking weirdly while some were chuckling and giggling looking at them. Laksh’s cheek becomes red in embarrassment and whisper yelled at Ragini: What r u doing Ragini?
Ragini looked at him innocently: I am just checking whether these clothes will be perfect for our champ.
Laksh looking at her in disbelief and asked: Ragini babies look beautiful and perfect even in simple clothes. You don’t need to check like this.
Ragini while giving a proud look said: I want my champ to be the most perfect and handsome man, so jus co operate with me.
Saying that she continued doing the checking process while Laksh surrendered himself murmuring “pregnancy and the mood swing” as there is no way to escape.
After a while in car, Ragini was sitting on the passenger seat while Laksh was arranging the nth shopping bag at back seat. He then comes to his seat and locked his seat belt while looking at Ragini. Though she looked tired, she had a very big smile which made Laksh happy.
Laksh: Do you like the things Ragini?
Ragini looked at him like curious kid and said: I loved them. I wished to buy everything but thought about other babies so only I chose selected items.
She pouted while Laksh looked at back seat and then at Ragini murmuring: Yeah, ‘only’ the selected ones.
He started and drove towards MM; suddenly Ragini clapped her excitedly said: Next time I will not leave anything! I would buy everything I see.
Laksh slowly turned towards her and shook his head in disbelief. After a while, they were on an abandoned road.
Laksh: Ragini?
Ragini who was caressing her belly looked at him saying: Haan!
Laksh in a serious tone: Will you do whatever I say Ragini?
Ragini was confused but still replied truly: Of course, I will Laksh.
Laksh took a deep breath while his eyes struck on the road said: You remember that bas…I mean Chiraag, our new dealer?
Ragini while nodding: Haan I remember him.
Laksh: You should not get close to him Ragini. Even if he tries to speak with you or contact you, you should inform me immediately. Ok?
Ragini (in mind): I know…I know… So Laksh’s problem is that Chiraag. I could feel the cold war in their eyes between them. There is something for which they both were fighting, but for what? What am I doing in between the two? Is there any connection between me and their fight? And that promise…
Laksh: Ragini?! Ragini..? What? Won’t you do what I say?
Ragini came out of her thoughts while Laksh was looking at her with some hope: Haan…I mean no, I will do whatever you say Laksh. I won’t talk with him and if he tries to speak with me, I would inform you immediately ok?
Laksh sighed in relief and smiled at her. Ragini smiled and said: Also I don’t like him too. You know naa ‘First impression is the best impression’; he had given a very good impression at our first meet. (She said sarcastically.) He gave negative vibrations to me. So I think it’s better for me to stay away from him.
Laksh grinned at her and said: Exactly Ragini.
Ragini with a serious face: Laksh? What is the problem between you both? How am I related in your problem? Tell me Laksh! Today we should end it. (Laksh’s eyes on the road became dark; his knuckle became pale because of strong grip on the steering.) And that promise…
Laksh’s eyes widen and cursed: Oh shit!
Ragini looked at the road and found a heavy loaded truck was coming towards them in its maximum speed. Laksh tried to move towards left and right but it also moves accordingly. He pressed the horn button madly but it seems that truck’s driver didn’t want to notice it. Ragini begins to sweat badly. Her hands were shivering. Laksh was gritting his teeth and looked at the truck with rage eyes. He held the steering wheel strongly and pressed the accelerator completely. Ragini looked at Laksh like r-u-crazy? But Laksh concentrated only on that truck and his driving. When it seems like they both were going to collide, Laksh suddenly turned his car towards left. Ragini closed her eyes in fear while Laksh was controlling the car with much difficulty. In a nick of time, the truck crossed Laksh’s car without damaging it.
Laksh applied the break and came out of the car. He noticed that the truck reduced its speed and that driver looked at Laksh through the side mirror and went off before being caught. Laksh was breathing heavily. His eyes were red and jaws clenched. He punched the hood of the car in anger. At that time only he heard a gasp sound. His eyes immediately turned soft and concerned. He ran towards Ragini’s side and saw her. She was shivering in fear and eyes closed tightly, hands clutching the baby bump protectively. Laksh’s eyes became teary to see Ragini like that.
He jerked her shoulder and called her in his cracked voice: Ragini! Ragini! Look at me! Ragini!?
But Ragini didn’t respond him. She was still in the same position. She looked like a zombie. So Laksh made her to come out and cupped her face.
Laksh who was tensed to see Ragini’s condition said: Ragini! Look at me! Nothing happened. Come on…breath in…breath out…breath in…breath out…
He noticed Ragini doing it. He felt little relief. He took a water bottle from his car and made Ragini to drink it. After drinking it, Laksh whispered soft and smooth words to her which made Ragini’s nerves to calm down. At last she became little active. She saw the surroundings and then at Laksh her eyes clouded with tears. She immediately hugged him tightly and sobbed on his chest. Laksh didn’t think anything; he just hugged back and made her to calm down.
Laksh with concern: Are you ok Ragini? Do you feel any discomfort? Shall I take you to hospital?
Ragini shook her head in no and said: I need to go home and sleep. It’s enough.
Laksh nodded: Ok… ok! Come we will go home.
At MM,
When they reached there, Ragini had already slept. So Laksh carried her in bridal style and made her to sleep comfortably. He noticed that no one is in the house. But he didn’t ask anyone about it, he just went to his car and drove towards Chiraag’s mansion.
At Chiraag’s mansion,
Chiraag was eagerly waiting to know about Laksh’s accident. ‘Thud!’ He was now on the floor with blood on corner of his lips. He turned to see who had hit him. It’s of course Laksh! He was shocked and frustrated to see Laksh there that too without having any damage. He reminded himself to teach his goons a lesson.
Laksh grabbed him by collar and punched on his face repeatedly. Chiraag tried to punch him back but before Laksh’s anger his punches were worthless. After beating him till he sees blood from his nose Laksh pulled him closer and looked at him with hateful rage.
Laksh in a cold tone: How dare you to do like that? Till now you messed with me but today you tried to kill my Ragini.
Chiraag shocked to hear it: What? Ragini was in the car?
Laksh punched him and said: YES! I wouldn’t be here if you had tried to harm me but you tried to harm my Ragini and baby. You think I will be sitting quite even now? No more games Chiraag. When you had stooped this low, then I am also not going to be quite. I am going to say everything you had done to me and my Ragini to her. I don’t care for any of your empty blackmails. Now, I am with Ragini. So I can protect her from the evils like you. So stay away from our lives. Get this in your thick skull.
Laksh pushed him on his couch and walked away. Chiraag sat there like a statue with pale and blo*dy face.
When Laksh was driving, his phone rang and it was Ragini. He parked the car and attended the call.
Laksh in a tired voice: Hello Ragini!
Ragini in panic and hurt voice: La…Laksh!
Laksh’s heart stopped beating; he started to sweat in nervousness hearing Ragini’s this tone. He in tensed voice: Ragini! Ragini…what happened? Say Ragini!
Ragini breath in like trying to comfort herself but couldn’t. Laksh was tensed even more so he shouted: Ragini! Say what happened? Why are sounding so feared? Say something Ragini!
Before he could hear her reply the line was gone. Laksh’s phone battery was dead.
Laksh shouted: Hello? Hello Ragini? Ragini?
He looked at his phone and threw it away in anger. He pressed his accelerator to reach MM.
What happened to Ragini? Will Chiraag come back again even after Laksh’s warning? How was the part? What will happen next? Keep guessing…stay healthy…keep smiling…bye and yeah advance ‘Happy New Year!’


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