Faults in my star episode 8


Guess kaun sorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy guys my tests are still going on but found that i wrote 1 episode already so posting it Meher and revan were made sited and all started applying Haldi to them Bg nach de saare
Reher were stealing glances
Ku- kabir beta please apply Haldi to meher

Ka- hmm
He wents and applies Haldi to her cheeks she looked at him and smiled but he gave no response revan saw it and now kabir went to revan while he was applying Haldi
Revan in mind- I promise you sir that after few days no one is going to harm meher u can love ur daughter u will never hurt her again.
Now the resam was over all went and Reher went to room

In Revan’s room
He came out from shower and thought about meher suddenly he got sanjana’s call he didn’t pick up it and became tearly suddenly vidyut comes
V- bhai are you fine
R- hmmm ap mere life main meher Hain finally I got my true love and thanks to u vidyut tune mujhe us sanjana se bachaya
Vidyut saw sanjana talking with her friends

F- but why do you want revan
S- there are two benefits first that meher will understand that she is a looser and second our business will also increase
Vidyut was shocked he went and told this all to revan but he was not believing him
He took him to the restaurant and saw that she was talking to her friends so freely that nothing happened instead of finding out solution that he could not marry meher he went to her and scolded her she was trying to tell but revan broke all relations with her and went he realised his mistake and also relaised he loves meher truly
Both bro hugged each other

Now it was evening and was mehendi
Again sanjana was planning some thing evil and this time she mixed chemical in meher’s mehendi.
S- now wait and watch meher u wanted to snatch  my revan na
While with boys
R- yaar I want to meet meher
V- oho wait na bhai it’s mehendi and boys are not allowed
Revan smiled mischievously
V- bhai…..
R- tu bhi wahi soch raha Hain

They both hugs each other
In mehendi
Revan and vidyut came hiding like ladies revan went to meher who was looking a Greek goddess and all were dancing he went to the mehendi bowl and was going to take when he smelled something wrong but soon other ladies came and took bowl to meher revan became sure it was a chemical mixed mehendi kabir came downstairs searching something and guessed revan the mehendi was going to be applied but revan came and threw the bowl all were shocked to see him she stood up he hugged meher

R- are u fine meher
Sanjana fumed


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