Love life of samina (Episode 5)


Sorry really sorry for long time Coz I was busy with my exams. So here my next part goes.

Hospital(outside the ward):
Preeti:munna bhaiya I will do one work me, Naina, sameer are going home to welcome the new member of our family. You and pandit be with swathi did then discharge her and come home as fast as you can. Ok
(everyone is happy with preeti ‘s idea and samina was more excited Coz they never saw a small baby in their life and they are happy to welcome the small member of the family) then preeti thought of an idea and said preeti :ok now the plan is changed sameer and Naina you both go to house and prepare for aarti I have a small work here. Preeti signed pandit. Samina :ok bhabhi/didi. Then they have gone and munna went in to the ward to spend some time with the baby and his wife. Preedit left alone. Pandit :you did a great job by letting me be alone with you for sometime. Then he came close to her and she pushed him and said preeti : Mr maheswari plz wait for few more days. Pandit :ok made ji.

Then they both laughed and here in mm samina was doing work with full swing to welcome the small baby. And they done it and preedit and Swatina came home. Swathi is holding the baby in her hand and preeti and Naina did the tilak and aarti of the trio and everyone sat on the hall and both sameer and Naina are fighting to hold the baby like Tom and Jerry. In the mean time Shejun and Mr agarwals came home and they were overjoyed with the news.

Engagement. Wedding. Romcom. Good news.


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