Together Forever (swaragini) Part 12


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The episode starts with. Laksh looking at Ragini and Ragini looking at swasan Laksh comes towards Ragini and stands beside her and asks. Doesn’t they look cute together. I know right Ragini said in the trance. Then she realised what she said and looked at Laksh. While Laksh looking into her eyes deeply . That when Kushi bumped into Ragini and Raglaks trance was broken. What’s up guys Kushi asked. Nothing said Ragini. Nothing seriously Ragini said laksh making Kushi confused. Even ragini looked at Laksh confused. Ragini didn’t you say Kushi di about us? Laksh asked. What about us ragini asked.About our relationship.laksh said.what! are you guys in relationship you guys did not say me anything complained Kushi.

Dont say lies said laksh ignoring Kushi and walking towards Ragini. Making her walk don’t Ragini laksh again asked while Ragini nodded in a no. You don’t laksh again asked getting into her personal space.making it uncomfortable for ragini to breathe.she closed her eyes unable to tolerate this closeness . While laksh smirked seeing his effect on her. Ragini you don’t know that we both are family friends laksh said with a smirk moving away from Ragini.. while Ragini looked at him a different look.kushi looked at both of them and said you guys know what I expected something else from you both she completed winking and left as someone called her.Ragini looked at her shocked while laksh just smiled naughtily.ragini looked at Laksh and moved away before he could catch her into his some other conversation.

Swasan were dancing and the song got over and that’s when swara came in to reality.she looks at Sanskar through the corner of her eyes and finds that he is looking at her. Sorry actually I danced with you with out your permission said sanskar.while swara just looked down.swara I am taking with you Sanskar said. Uh me sorry I mean sorry I did not hear you swara said shivering under his cold looks.swara just chill I am not going to eat you I just want to say you that stay away from Karan he is not a good boy Sanskar said and walked away.swara looked at Sanskar disappearing . she then saw Ragini talking with Kushi and other girls.ragini saw swara coming towards them and said u guys carry on I will be back.

Ragini was dancing in the dance floor along with her other friends that’s when laksh came between Ragini and other girls the girls moved away leaving raglak alone . So my Lado is in dancing mode laksh said standing behind Ragini and dancing.ragini looked at him angrily and said first of all stop calling me Lado secondly I am not your lado.ok Lado laksh said.Ragini glared at Laksh. Sorry sorry my red chilli laksh said.ragini looked at him for a second and looked away leaving hope in him . the music changed into an romantic one and Ragini was about to move away when some of her friends signalled her something and passed her a piece of paper without lakshyas knowledge.laksh was dancing in his own world Ragini moved towards him and with one arm she held his shoulder and intervened her hands to his . Laksh looked at ragini a bit shocked.

The girl who always moved away from him is now dancing with him.ragini signalled through her eyes to dance and laksh held her waist with his one hand and they danced to the tune.while dancing Ragini slowly moved her hand from his shoulder to his back where she stuck the paper passed by her friends which said Tomorrow party at my house at 5:00!Be there!Ragini turned around and was about to leave him when laksh pulled her back making her bump on his chest.laksh hugged her from back intervened his fingers on her belly.but laksh was soon called by someone and ragini left the dance floor infact ran away.

Laksh turned around irritated and looked at the girl who have interpreted him. What he asked annoyed to the girl wearing a yellow knee length frock.By the way my name is Aliya the girl said.sooo laksh said.Aliya was about to say something when all her friends joined her and said so are you conducting a party one girl asked. Where is it another one asked.Laksh gave a unbelievable look to the girls and left before they could ask him something else. On the way another group of boys came towards them asking him is there any drinks at party they all asked.sanskar who saw the sticker on his back came towards laksh and rescued him and cleared his confusions. Laksh was walking when he heard a group of girls talking oh my god Ragini’s plan exactly worked on laksh poor boy know he have to give party for all.Laksh then understood who was behind this and the sudden change in Ragini’s behaviour.wait and watch Ragini the game has just started.

Next day swara is combing her hair infront of the mirror wearing a pink long kurta(the one in the pic)and Ragini is seen wearing a white top and blue jeans (the one in the pic).

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