May you live to see a hundred springs (Intro)


Hi guys.. Let’s get into the story without any bakbaks…

The tale of Brindavanam..
Raghuvir mehra fondly called as dadu by his grandchildrens house was shown… It was the prime location of our story… He is most respected person in the village.. His grand father built this beautiful house of Brindavanam.. From then they had a joint family and considered as the village head..
But after generations had gone by.. Due to which the joint family diverged into several nuclear families…
Inside the house a photograph in wall is shown which has the pictures of his children with his nephew..
His sons Ashwin, Prem, and daughter Sarala had settled in London with their wife and Husband and children..
His brother harshad and his wife falguni had died in an accident.. From then their only son Ram was taken care by Raghuvir mehra.. He was also considered as a son in the family.. All the four shared a beautiful bond during their childhood days..

Ram was now doing his business in Mumbai.. Bt at all the weekend he will be in the village with Raghuvir mehra and his wife indhu mehra..
His son ashwin was married to Janvi and had a son Arjun.. And doing fashion industry and magazine in London..
Prem was married to Suman and had son Purab.. And doing event management business in London..
sarala was married to Santhosh Arora and had a daughter bulbul.. And doing airlines business….
Ram is married to priya his love interest and had a son abhi who has multiple talents and doing business of promoting organic foods..
Pragya was the bestie of bulbul and had a family background which she kept as a secret.. To the world she is orphan..
Saanjh was the bestie of abhi and daughter of Vijay and Kamala who was best friends of Ram and priya.. They died in an Plane Crash and Saanjh had become the daughter to them.. Interested in photography and partner with the business of Abhi…

That’s all for today..pls do comment guys… Whether to continue or not


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