PARIVAAR UNITED (ishqbaaz ff) epi-5 DADI!!! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!




RECAP- all meets Shivika.

Gauri- Ivan!!!!! What is this?
Prinku- yes Prabal what was you both doing?
Ira and Ruhi in chorus- flirting with girls!!!!
Ivan and Prabal- shut up!!!!!

Gauri- what shut up!!!! Your sisters are saying right you both were flirting with girls na !!!!
Prinku- what behavior is this Prabal.
Ivan- bua this is dad’s behavior.
Gauri- what did you say Ivan?
Ivan- mom I say this is dad’s behavior!!!!
Om gets shocked and all get confused
Gauri- dad’s behavior!!! Tell me in detail
Ivan- mom you and dad were fighting yesterday na and u say to dad (in drama style) when we were in our colleague u always flirts with girls!!!! And dad says- yes every girl fall on me that time including u!!!!.
Ira- bhiya you said me to go and u were listening all the conversation. VERY BAD. She pout.
Ivan- voh acutuall….
Gauri- you both were….
Om – listening. What we were talking.
Gauri- very bad ira. Bad manners.
Ira- sorry mommy!!!!
Anika- awww so cute. Sorry mommy.
Gauri- no problem but next time.
Ira- I will listen nothing.
Gauri- Ivan do you not to Want to speak anything
Ira- bhiya this also I will tell say sorry.
Ivan- sorry mom.
Gauri- ok
Prabal- sorry mom next time I will not do this infront of you
Prinku- in front of me?
Prabal- I mean I will do do this in front of anyone.
Prinku- now ok.
Gauri- I think we should leave.
Bhavya- yes now we should go.
Rudra- where?
Gauri- to meet dadi
Om- …
Gauri- why you all are silent we have to go
Anika- for how many days you both are here.
Gauri- bhabhi….actuallly….we …voh.
Om- bhabhi we will go tomorrow.
Ira- dad so early.?
Gauri- keep quite ira I said you na not to talk when all adults are talking.
Anika- so early.
Om- bhabhi you know we come here only to meet dadi. No one else.he also don’t know that you all will come.
Shivaay- yes Om we also come here only to meet dad we will also leave within two days.
Rudra- if you both will go then we will only go tomorrow.
Anika- so lets go
All kids shout- he, yeh, uov.oh
Gauri- but
Bhavya- you
Anika- all
Gauri Anika and Bhavya in chorus- will maintain discipline
Iraivanprabalruhishivaniansh- yes mom.
Bhavya Gauri Anika- good
They all leaves.
@oberoi mansion
Dadi is sleeping on the bed surrounded by Janvi tej , shakti, pinky and servants.
Dadi- do billu come
All see each other.
Janvi- mom ….vo…(suddenly a servant come will running) mam…mam….
Janvi- what happened?
Servant- mam…mam sir come
Pinky- sir comes. Whoss
Servant – mam Shivaay sir have come.
All face get blushed
Dadi- call him wheres he I wan… to meet him suddenly a voice come(no need to call me)
All turns back and see Shivaay standing.
Dadi- billu she is going to stand at the same time Shivaay come and say dadi you take rest.
Dadi- touches Shivaay ‘s cheek and said- I waited for you such a long time.where where were u
Shivaay- dadi I also miss u so much
Dadi- then why you go?
Shivaay- dadi I had to go I cannot leave my wife and children on others hand, who knows when they will harm them (while seeing pinky)
Dadi- do om, rudra also come(suddenly a voice come from behind)yes come all again see back and Janvi said- om, rudra
Dadi- Om, chotu.
Rudra and Om goes to dadi and sith near the bed rudra cry and hug dadi and say- I miss you so uch dadi. Dadi holds om hair and say- still so long.
Om- dadi!!!!
Dadi- how are u both
Om- dadi we miss you so much.
Rudra- now how are you.
Dadi- I cannot be fine but now u both come na now I will be fine.
Shivaay- we are not alone your bhaus also come.
Dadi- call them I was thirsty to hear their voices
Suddenly three voces come from behind- dadi!!!
Anika Gauri and Bhavya is shown crying.
Dadi- do will only cry
Gauri- no
Dadi- so come na I’m waiting for my bahus hug.
Anika, Gauri and Bhavya goes to dadi and hug her .
Gauri- cry and say dadi!!!! I never want to leave you!!!and mom!!!
Janvi- cry tej holds her and say- don’t cry your both sons and daughter have come.
Anika- dadi u know how much we miss you !!!!
Bhavya- u know dadi I and rudra were so tensed when we got your news about…
Gauri- stand and goes to Janvi and hug her tightly and say- mom I miss you so much. When I need you the most you were not with me every time I miss you .
Janvi- shhhh don’t are a mother and crying like 5 year old.
Bhavya- also go to Janvi and hug her.
Oma nd rudra also go to Janvi- and her hug her.
Tej – I’m also here.
Gauri- dad!!she goes to tej and hug her and Bhavya also hug him.
Tej- see om and rudra
Rudra – goes to tej and hug him
Om ignore him
Gauri see Om,
Om see Gauri
Gauri signs him to hug tej
Om signs no
Gauri signs its my order
Om without any mood go to tej and hug him. Janvi and Gauri smile by this.
Anika- stand and goes to shakti and hug him and say- papa
Shivaay also stand and go to shakti and hug him.
Pinky – Shivaay she goes to Shivaay to hug him but Shivaay turns his face and ignore pinky.
Gauri- we have a surprise for you mom
PRECAP- all family meets ansh,Shivani,ira,ivan,Prabal,ruhi

So guys this was all for today. I ‘m telly you before that I will not post this ff this week as my exams are ar the door so sorry guys thank you all for commenting . and giving me likes I was so hesitate to post my first ff but now I don’t feel anyting like that and now I feel free to write and post.



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