Forever and Always ! Part 1


Sanskar Maheshwari (Varun Kapoor): An arrogant and rude businessman…even the same at home ; has his mother and his little sister in his family…..

Swara(Helly Shah): A very beautiful and sweet girl….sensitive and bubbly orphan..she is currently looking for a job..lives in her hostel

Akanksha Maheshwari (Parineeta Borthankar): Sanskar’s mother ..loves her children a lot…feels bad about Sanskar’s harsh behaviour..wishes someone to come on his life and change him..

Ragini Maheshwari (Tejaswi Prakash): A very naughty girl..loves her maa and bhai a lot..feels bad for her bhai..loves Arjun

Arjun Mehra(Oh SeHun) : Sanskar’s business partner and his buddy since college days..loves Ragini ..lost his family 3 yrs back…

Rajveer Maheshwari (Sachin Tyagi): Dead..was a businessman n everything to Sanskar a friend a guide a mentor …

Guys I got it as a random thought …what do u think of it ? Should I write? It will be a short story only if u all say…so shoot Ur comments and do vote …tata…


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