An Angel’s touch : Part B


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So let’s start :
It has been 2 days since swara is staying with Sanskar and Arjun..Arjun was not at home as he had been to town ..swara was very quiet and confined to herself ….she used to cry a lot aloof…she was sitting in the garden sobbing  when Sanskar saw her…he went near her and harshly pulled her by her arm…
Sanskar : Tell me who are u ? Why are u here ? I know u have come to trap us but let me tell u we are not foolish ; saying this he held her chin tightly making her gasp in pain …(she was crying but he was blank…he was shouting very loudly..he was angry and agitated..he was sure today he would know the truth..) I Know girls like u …tell me who sent u here damn it speak up he screamed getting no response from her….
Swara : I….I…am…s..w..a.ra G…ado..diya said she and fainted …
Sanskar was pissed up now..he picked her up and laid her in her room…he had to find out abt her…

Sanskar was in his study when he recalled her words…Swara Gadodia….Shekhar Gadodia ? He quickly called his men to find out about them…
Arjun was back from town and angry on Sanskar for behaving this way with swara…he decided to tell Sanskar about her…
Sanskar,swara is the daughter of Shekhar Gadodia ,the famous businessman ..he is missing since last 4 days and u know in which condition have we got swara in…I’m afraid there could me something more to this which only swara could tell us. ..
Sanskar wanted to know about Shekhar so he immediately went to Swara’s room and found her sitting on her bed curled weeping…he felt bad..but he jerked his thoughts and went to her and asked roughly , U are the daughter of Shekhar Gadodia …what happened to him and why were u in that deserted place that day ? Hearing the questions swara just sobbed which annoyed Sanskar…he loudly shouted “Tell me damnit !”… she couldn’t control herself and let out her emotions which she was hiding…they killed my dad they killed him….she cried aloud….he was shocked!..She continued…they wanted to kill me even but I escaped…my uncle aunt never loved me…they just showed it off for gaining my property…that day they called me and dad to farmhouse saying it as a surprise but they attacked my dad and made me sign the papers if I wanted my dad to live….but they killed him and we’re after me …but I escaped …. She was crying badly ,the emotions which were inside her …she let them flew ..Sanskar unknowingly calmed her down and made her sleep …she dosed off due to tiredness…he pecked her forehead and came out…
        Someone was very happy seeing this and was none other than Arjun…he always wanted his friend to be happy and he knew now it was time….
         Sanskar went to terrace and remencing today’s incidents..he couldn’t understand why he felt the urge to calm her down …why he was affected…. listening her cries he resembled it to himself …his horrible past flashed in his memory his parents were brutally killed when he was just a 8yr old…how he had seen his parents murder with his own eyes…how his father,the Commissioner of police was killed by the Underworld Don SJ who had brutally stabbed his dad and mom….Since then he had decided he would end this..He knew no one would help him gain JUSTICE …no power could make SJ bend down..So he himself became the POWER !! He became a devil to gain justice but it was a mess in which he had entered and there was no way out for him… There was none beside him only Arjun who had supported him everytime..even he was an orphan..both became strength of each other..
Sanskar had ordered his men to find out about the whereabouts of swara’s aunt and uncle..and when he found out he decided to leave their punishment to Swara..
Swara got up that morning and remembered the happenings of previous day..she remembered her father who kept her like her Princess…her eyes were puffy due to crying…she got up Nd fresher up and found out that sanarjun were calling her down…she was shocked to see her uncle and aunt ther…and even surprised when sanskar asked her to punish them…she went and tightly slapped her aunt …all were shocked to see her this side…sanskar took all the properties of swara back and they were handed over to police…swara was now somewhere satisfied to her her culprits being punished ….she wanted to thank sanskar and Arjun ..but she was shocked listening to something…she heard a man  saying Sanskar “SM boss their work is over now…there would be no trouble from Sahil Gupta ..we have killed him” on listening this Sanskar smirked but swara couldn’t believe what she had heard…Sanskar was SM kolakata’s devil and she was in his den……
Precap: It’s all about Swasan !!!!
Is it boring guys ? I feel u are not interested now 😣 pls tell me if so..


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