Forever and Always ! Part 2


It is a beautiful morning…the sky is blue the weather is cool the birds are chirping and everyone are sleeping 😂( Sorry for this poetry 😋)
In Hostel :
A girl is pacing around the whole room biting her nails and blabbering..we can see she is wearing a beautiful frock and looking cutie…but why is tensed…ohh so today is her interview and she is tensed for that…bechari ! She is our angel Swara who is ready since 6 in the mrng  though her interview is at 9 😂

In MM:
A guy is seen in working out heavily in his personal gym in sports..he is our Sanskar…handsome and dashing…he shouts : Suresh where the hell is my protein shake damn it ! Suresh came running and handed him his bottle…Sanskar just took it from him and gave him a glare on which Suresh finches(huh mr.khadoos 😋)

After sometime Sanskar got ready and came down …his mother Akanksha called him out :
Akanksha: Aree Sanskar u came now come on take Ur breakfast…Suresh bring bhaiyas breakfast …
Sanskar: No need of breakfast I don’t want it he said blankly and headed out…leaving his Mom worried and sad on his behaviour…..
When Akanksha was lost in her thoughts Ragini tiptoed to her and hugged her back ..this brought a smile on her mother’s face…she kissed her cheek…and both shared a lovely moment and had their breakfast….Ragini consoled her Mom and this was the daily routine when Sanskar would do something which hurts them…
Swara was now heading to her interview place on her scooty pept singing and humming her fav song …as it was traffic on her way…she was waiting when she noticed a small puppy in middle of road on opposite side..she immediately ran and took it in her hands before a car could hit it…
On the other hand Sanskar was in his car damn frustrated due to traffic…he looked on the other side and saw a girl saving the puppy …he couldn’t see her face but saw her long shiny hair…as she turned the signal opened he proceeded towards his destination…..
Location: Karma group of Industries
A black Mercedes stopped in front of the lavish office…from the Mercedes came out our handsome hunk Sanskar and giving car keys to the valley he entered inside followed by his guards in the office…all the employees became quite and greeted him and he moved to his cabin without giving any heed to them…

When he entered inside he started to check his files and became frustrated seeing the incomplete work..he called out the manager and scolded him the same time came out dude Arjun and asked the manager to go out;
Arjun : Buddy pls calm down a bit…it’s just that u fired ur pa and your work is incomplete ..he said trying to calm him down
Sanskar: Calm down my foot…I need my schedule damn it…I have to take interview again he said…

Swara nervously entered an office Karma group of industries and waited for her turn…soon her name was announced and she went in the direction of the cabin…
Swara entered inside and saw a person sitting facing his back..she knocked and went inside…Sanskar turned and saw her…their eyes met…she was lost in him and he in her…soon their moment was disturbed…Sanskar took her interview and was impressed with her skills..he appointed her As his pa !
She was asked to join from the next day….

Precap: Swara’s first day…

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