Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 24


Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(SwaSan fs)
Shot 24:
Recap: swasan romance😍😍

SwaSan are waiting outside as doctor has taken swara’s tests and now are waiting for the reports. Sanskar is so nervous.
” Sanskar I will be fine it was just vomiting” swara squeezed his hand as he was unnecessarily getting panicked.
Sanskar nodded and held her hand. Swara signed at his over possessive behavior.
” Mr and Mrs Maheshwari doctor has called you inside” nurse informed them.
Swasan got up and went to doctors’s cabin.
” please take seat” doctor said. Swara smile at her and they took the seats.
” what came in reports?? Swara is fine?? And is there any serious problem??” Sanskar shoot question. Doctor look at swara who was giving helpless looks.
” calm down she is fine” sanskar signed in relief as doctor said.
” then why she got vomiting?” He asked biting his nails.
” its good news” doctor told,Swara almost got to know about what she is talking but sanskar is still in his world.
” swara is pregnant and you both are going to be parents soon” doctor smile and said.
Swara was super happy but Sanskar didn’t reacted.
” Sanskar” she called him as he was numb. He look at her for a second and hugged swara tightly. Swara smile and hugged back.
” I’m so happy” he whisper in her ear his voice was wet as tears formed in his eyes.
” me too” swara broke the hug as they are still in doctor’s cabin.
” congratulations” doctor wished.
” thanks” swara smile.
” I will give you few medicine as swara is little week and no skipping of food and carelessness” doctor guided them and Sanskar listen to her keenly not willing to make more complicated later.
” thank you” Sanskar said after taking medicine and they left.
SwaSan came out of the hospital hand in hand.
” all will be happy” Swara is excited to tell everyone.
” of course” sanskar kiss her cheeks. Swara glare him as they are at public place.

Maheshwari House:
Sanskar enter inside with sweets in his hands followed by swara and moving towards ramta he filled their mouth with sweets.
” what happened??” Sujata asked gulping the stuff.
” someone is coming in this house” sanskar jumped while saying.
” now whom you are bringing?” Sujata asked with frown on her face.
” not only me mom swara is also responsible for this” sanskar wink at swara while she place her palm on lips in shock. Sanskar is seriously becoming shameless day by day.
” what you mean?!” Ram asked as they both were not getting any clue.
” papa I’m going to take your place” sanskar again puzzled them. Swara was feeling shy to tell otherwise she is really irritated with sanskar’s actions.
” Sanskar tell clearly” sujata warned her.
” swara and me are going to be parents” Sanskar said looking down.
” really swara??” Sujata facepalm and swara nodded shyly.
” congrats” sujata engulf her in a tight hug.
” thanks” swara whisper. Ramta blessed them. They got busy talking to each other.
Shomi dida, ramta and swasan all are sitting in the hall.
” now swara will live here only” sujata said with Finality. Sanskar’s face turn pale bcoz he has to go for his office work.
” why mom??” He instantly asked.
” we can take care of her properly and she will be alone there” sujata said.
” ma is coming with us moreover baby should born in USA otherwise then visa problem will come” sanskar made excuses to take swara.
” ohh then okay” sujata agreed reluctantly.
” mom I and sanskar are planning to take u both and dida also with us” swara said.
” then who will handle school here??” Ram asked.
” there are many workers to manage it” sanskar said. Ramta nodded.
Later they went to their rooms after having dinner.

After two months (New York)
SwaSan came back last month along with shomi. Swara is two months pregnant and sanskar shomi are taking proper care of her. Ramta and dida will come in next month as they had applied for them.
Swara is sitting on the bed reading some magazine when the door opened ajar and sanskar enter with two big teddy bears in his hands.
” sanskar you bought new again there are so many already lying here” swara pointed towards the teddies. Sanskar has changed their whole room like of a baby with many toys and all.
” still seven months are left for baby’s arrival” swara signed at his excitement.
” so what baby should also feel his/her importance” Sanskar sat beside swara and kiss her belly.
” hmm” she comfortably placed her head on his shoulder.
” swara I’m waiting for your mood swings” sanskar said caressing her waist.
” what??? You will get annoyed” swara lifted her head to look at him.
” no in fact I will be happy if you wake me at night” sanskar corrected her.
Swara stare his face, he is such a sweet person.
” what??” Sanskar raise his eyebrow. Swara shook her head and kiss his cheeks.
” swara u kiss on cheeks like I’m nursery kid” sanskar winces making swara giggle.
Sanskar made her lie on bed and capture her lips. Swara closed her eyes and fisted his hairs in her fingers. He kissed her passionately entering in her mouth. Leaving her lips, he placed feathery kisses on her neck. Swara is enjoying his soft touch. Sanskar didn’t proceeded and took swara in his arms.
Swara know he won’t go ahead, he don’t want to take any risk for the baby.
He hardly take her to office also only when she plead him after getting bored to extreme level.

After Few months:
Swara is in her ninth month. Swasan has shifted to another house which is mansion as the previous one is small for all to live. Ramta and dida are also living with them. Swara is too moody now a days, Sanskar has to tolerate her tantrums but he is loving it.
” Sanskar” swara cuddles into his chest hugging him tightly.
” hmm” he was playing with her hair strands.
” I’m hungry” she merely whisper.
” we had lunch 30 mins ago”sanskar was amazed at her appetite.
” now I want something spicy” she gulps her saliva.
” okay u lie here I will bring pizza” sanskar place her head on pillow and went out.
Little later, he came with pizza, swara sequels and sit on the bed.
” swara slowly” Sanskar don’t Even let her sit on her own what if something happen to baby. sanskar feed her with his hands.
” I don’t want to eat” swara said after few bites.
” its not tasty??” Sanskar asked tasting it but it was nice.
” I want to eat something sweet like ice cream” she mumble bcoz she is disturbing him alot.
” why u are hesitating I will bring shona” Sanskar peck her lips and keeping pizza on table ,he went.
” I don’t want to eat this” swara make faces when Sanskar feed first spoon of ice cream.
” what happened now??” Sanskar asked.
” I will eat pizza only but with coke” swara said finally deciding.
“You eat it I will bring coke” Sanskar went to kitchen fortunately coke was at home only.
Swara had pizza with coke and lie with Sanskar. This is her daily routine, she feel so many mood swings at the same time. Yesterday, she wanted to watch cartoons on two channels at the same time. Not to disappoint her, Sanskar played one on TV and other on laptop. Sanskar fulfil her each and every wish.
” I irritate you alot” swara said weeping.
Sanskar signed at her mood, she start crying anytime, earlier sanskar used to get panicked but now he is habitual.
” it’s your right and I can do anything for u and our baby” he place his lips on her forehead.
” sanskar I’m scared” swara said.
” why??” He cups her face looking at her.
” I feel so many mood swings at the same time what if there are so many babies” she expressed her fear.
” hmm” sanskar got lost in his thoughts. They both don’t want to know whether baby is girl or boy as they want to get surprise.
” I think we should know if its twins or triplet not gender” swara said.
” no doctor would have told us if such case is there and I think baby is more moody” sanskar convinced her.
“May be” swara whisper.
Soon Swara slept in Sanskar’s arms.
To be continued…

Precap: last part

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