a girl is seeing carrying a bag at the airport
ARJUN- naina take care and theres no need to talk to any boy and make boyfriend
NAINA- bro, do u think i will do something like this
ARJUN- no sister i trust uhh

NAINA is leaving for delhi for her further studies and there is her true love waiting for her but shes not knowing anything bout it
ON the other side, at delhi, decent college
MUNNA- sameer dude why are u so smart all the girls are falling for u. give some of my smartness to you.

a girl comes,
KAMYA- hi sameer baby how are u i am free tonight. what bout u
SAMEER- sorry babes I am not free.
KAMYA- no problem sameer .b.bye
MUNNA- why did u regret the proposal?
SAMEER- i know girls are flatten on me bt i want a girl who is understanding, sweet ,innocent and who loves me not for my money or my fame or my looks bt who loves because of on love.
MUNNA- i dont know bro what to say , here all the girls are crazy for you nd u are searching for a girl you will never meeet.

NAINA has arrived delhi and contacting her friend swati. on the phone
NAINA-swati i have reached .now where should i come
SWATI- you have to come to the hostel ask the driver to drop you at silent girls hostel
NAINA-ok i will come
SWATI- fine waiting for u
call disconnects ,naina sits in the car.

at hostel,swati hugs naina tightly
SWATI- come naina theres my room
NAINA-ohk ! nice room swatu
SWATI-ohk lets sleep from tomorrow you will be going to the college
NAINA-i am so excited

PRECAP- naina is entering the college campus and sameer is running to beat a boy and hits naina.


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