Avneil SS: We Are One- shot 1


Hlw dear lovely readers, this is a short story on avneil. These days chuhi was becoming more and more intolerable therefore I thought to write a short story in which or Mr. supertopcop uses his brain like the old neil. Hope u all like it and I think I will complete it by 10-15 chapters if u don’t want me to show more on avneil after this chuhi exists from our dear avneil’s life. Its all my imagination, I don’t know how will react after reading 1st few chapters but I assure u that I won’t give a chance o complain.
Avneil with misti returns from goa after rescuing misti from vidyut’s clutches but juhi is still there only to get her love life i.e. neil. She tried all measures to hurt avni so that she can leave neil or convince neil to marry her but avni has full faith on neil and thus she decides not to leave making juhi much irritated. Neil and avni decides to do DNA test so that they can arrest vidyut on the charges of kidnapping his child. Bebe gets the DNA report and asks juhi to read the report infront of everyone. Juhi reads it and says that misti is biological daughter of Mr. neil khanna.

Bebe says that since it is proved misti is neil’s daughter so all the decisions will be taken by juhi not by avni. Bebe continues to say a lot of things to avni and avni leaves from there crying while juhi smiles. Everyone leaves except neil, sweta and juhi. Juhi comes near neil and catches his hand but neil jerks her hand and says to sweta that someone has to be with avni ri8 now and leaves will juhi burns in anger and jealousy. The day passes and soon it’s a new day. Neil leaves to arrest vidyut but returns when he sees misti’s doll.

To be continued……….


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