Forever and Always ! Part 4


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Swara was almost done with her work and she realised that it was time to thinking she went to Sanskar’s cabin to give him the files…not to say Sanskar was highly impressed with her hardwork that even after a tough day she did not disappoint him and her smile never leaving her lips…he asked her to come at sharp 8 the next day and she took his leave..
Sanskar was still in the office working at 10 in the night when his phone ranged..he saw but ignored..but when it beeped continuously he picked it up and just hmmmeedd..
Other side : Bhai where are u ?? It’s late and u are still not everything fine..pls say something maa is worried 😥
Sanskar : Ragini I’ll be late..don’t worry
He said and cut the call…the entire office was empty he rested on his chair and went in to his trail of thoughts…
A girl and boy were sitting in a park…
Boy: I love u Kavita..I can’t live without you..
Girl: I love u soo much Sanskar…pls don’t leave me never..ever..
He came out of his thoughts when he felt a pat on his shoulder…he saw Arjun standing there with worried expressions..Are u okay buddy ?? Why are u here still. ragu called me they are so worried for u ..just thn Sanskar noticed it was almost he and Arjun went home…
Days were passing and swara was now acquainted with her job and boss..Sanskar was impressed with swara since she was perfect in her issues no mistakes…Swara and Arjun had become good friends…
One day it was a very important meeting of Karma with the Innaya…Sanskar had prepared a lot and the meeting was very precious to him since it would gain them huge profits…Swara was asked to prepare for the work…. everyone were in the conference and Sanskar was about to start the presentation when he found that the pendrive was Empty..he was enraged..he asked swara but she was too shocked and said she didn’t know…the meeting was cancelled by the manager of Innaya and Sanskar scolded swara very badly…
Sanskar : How could you be soo careless ms Bose..I shouldn’t have trusted you …you are not worth it and you proved it today..u have done this deliberately haven’t you ? Because of you I had to face this insult…get lost !
Swara : But sir….
Sanskar : Just get Lost he roared..
Swara ran out crying from their badly..
Sanskar was soo angry that he broke the things in his cabin…
Ragini had come to the office
to meet Sanskar…she entered his cabin to find everything broken…
Ragini : Bhai….
Sanskar who saw her : How dare u enter my cabin without my permission ?😡 Now go from here or I’ll do something which I would regret ..
Ragini had tears in her eyes and Arjun who just came their sensed the situation and brought Ragini out and consoled her….
Ragini broke down in his embrace…why why this had to happen Arjun ?? Why my bhai ? U know how he was until some years …that incident has left a great impact on him…he doesn’t even talk properly to anyone..maa is soo hurt
Arjun : Calm down baby ..u know Sanskar has almost lost the deal which was the last wish of would have helped him fulfill his dream ARADHANA ….
Swara cryingly ran out of the office…..she took her scooty and was driving without looking lost in her grief ..she was remembering her parents today….None had ever scolded was not her fault she knew but she couldn’t understand how it had messed up..she had taken a right notice of all the arrangements……and just then…Thudddd ….

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