Recap: swasan seerat moments😘

Swara is adjusting stuff in the cupboard, today she didn’t went to hospital as sujata and ram are not at home so she has to manage house chores. Ramta went to Patna for a week to attend relatives marriage. Ansh is in college and Sanskar went to drop seerat at school.
He return back and saw her busy in her work. It’s being few days since he came but they never got time for each other.
” Sanskar” swara gasp as he tightly back hug her. He nuzzles his face in her hairs inhaling her sweet fragrance.
” you don’t have time for me” he complained like a baby. Swara turn towards him closing the cupboard. Taking throw eyes, he gained consent to do what he is willing to do. Sanskar place his lips on her and start kissing. Swara’s hands find its way in his thick hairs pulling him closer. Sanskar lick her lips for entrance which she gave happily. His tongue explore every inch of her sweet mouth, he deepen the kiss entangling their tongue. It was getting difficult for them breathe but they don’t want to part away. Swara open her eyes when Sanskar moved his lips back. He gives wet kisses on her jaws moving to the neck. Swara hissed as he softly bite her soft skin. She moved her head otherside to give him more access.
” I missed you so much” sanskar’s husky voice send shivers down her spine. He didn’t get tired kissing every inch, swara hugged him tightly as she got the flashes of last five years without him. Sanskar cups her face sensing her tense. He look at her with lots of questions in his eyes, swara kiss his lips before he could ask anything. Sharing another passionate kiss, sanskar picked swara in his arms and then place her on the bed. Sanskar didn’t leave her skin even for a second also. Their love is so strong though being away from each other and physical touch cherish it more. They missed all this, it’s getting more passionate showing their longings for their soulmate.
” how much u missed me??” Sanskar whisper sharing an intense eye lock.
” words can’t express” swara’s answer made Sanskar smile. They were all sweating and tired but passion and fire in their eyes is not ready to extinguish.
Sanskar pull her closer engulfing in his embrace, they feel blessed being in the arms of their love.
” swara” he call her who was busy in making designs on his chest.
” I always used to think about u if I would have known seerat is there I should think what all I have to do when I will come back” his eyes got wet while saying.
” I tried alot even went to Delhi to tell you about seerat but no use” she explained sadly.
“U know there was a beautiful constable in the jail who had fallen in love with me” he teases changing the emotional topic.
Swara look at him narrowing her eyes.
” go to her only then” swara tried to push him but his grip was so strong.
” I told her that I have the most beautiful wife so I can’t think of anyone else” he said acting so loyal.
” stop buttering me” swara warned hiding her face in his chest.
Sanskar’s lips are still wandering on her face to neck.
” seriously there was a girl sanskar?” Little later swara again asked. She is very possessive towards him.
” I was kidding swara” he signed she get serious at every point.
” good what’s time??” She asked suddenly remembering about it.
Sanskar check on his mobile and it’s 1:35 in the afternoon.
” 1: 35 I have to get seerat from school” Sanskar sit on the bed as seerat’s school gets over at 2.
” hmm you go and bring” swara lazily said. Sanskar dressed himself and went to door when he turn and see swara has closed her eyes. He hurriedly came back
” you also change” he said pecking her lips. Swara nodded as seerat is coming and she will start investigating why mamma is sleeping in afternoon and all. Swara went to washroom and after fresh up cleaned the messy room.
” mammmaaa” she heard voice from hall indicating the little devil is here.
Swara came downstairs.
” you didn’t went to hostpital(hospital)” she stressed the last word as it was difficult for her to speak.
” no dadi is not here then who will make lunch and dinner for you” swara pull her cheeks later kissing them.
Sanskar switch on the tv as always and start opening her shoes and all. Swata bought juice for her. Seerat is busy in watching cartoons, sanskar held swara’s hand and asked slowly.
” you OK??” She was very tired earlier. Swara smile and nodded at his concern.
” papa I’m sleepy” seerat squealed jumping on the sofa.
” come” sanskar picked her and made her sleep in the room.

Swara is preparing for the dinner and sanskar is sitting on the shelf accompanying her. They feel complete with just each others presence.
” papa mamma” seerat came rubbing her eyes as she was sleeping in the room. SwaSan saw she is weeping. Sanskar instantly got down from the shelf and picked her.
” what happened baby??” Sanskar gets panicked.
” head is paining” seerat whisper hugging him. Swara checked her forehead and its hot.
” she has fever” swara caress her face.
” you give medicine” Sanskar said.
” I don’t have now you go to hospital dheeraj will be there he will check and give” swara told and went to bring sanskar’s mobile and wallet.
” tell Buddy I don’t want injection” seerat started crying.
” he will not give injection promise don’t cry” swara wipe her tears and kiss her eyes.
” we will buy chocolate while coming” Sanskar whisper making her smile.
Sanskar went to hospital with seerat and swara got busy in making dinner.

After checking seerat, dheeraj had given medicine. Now seeeat is lying in Sanskar’s lap playing game on his mobile. He is talking to dheeraj.
” how is swara!?” He asked.
” good mom is not at home so she didn’t came” Sanskar informed.
” yeah she told me I’m really happy for swara and seerat, swara has suffered alot”dheeraj said sadly. Sanskar thought to ask dheeraj about adarsh.
” why adarsh is in jail??’ Sanskar asked.
” swara didn’t told you?” Dheeraj was confused.
” no she just told he is in jail for some reason” Sanskar said.
” okay I will tell u but don’t let swara know” dheeraj told. Sanskar nodded and he continued
” after swara totally deny to marry him, he went mad and kidnapped swara. He forced her to marry him but at last moment I came with police and caught them. That time swara fainted and when i took her to hospital we get to know she is carrying your baby. Swara has said in the court against adarsh so he is in Jail for kidnapping, harnessing and forcing a girl Dp went to Mumbai and I helped swara to shift at new house which u told’ dheeraj explained him the whole incident. Sanskar’s blood boiled listening it.
” then also it was not easy for swara, she has to face the society all alone. Everytime she go out people say that she should marry someone bcoz it’s waste to wait for you moreover seerat need a father and all u know narrow minded people” dheeraj unknowingly told everything that swara suffered. Sanskar was feeling guilty for leaving her alone and the main reason why she faced all this is him.
” but her love is so pure that’s why u both are together” dheeraj smile.
” keep her happy” he said further.
“Sure” sanskar give him a fake smile and later left with seerat.

Sanskar came inside the house, he is not having guts to face swara. But he was hurt also why she didn’t shared all this with him???.
” seerat” swara came running from the kitchen as she heard car sound.
” what doctor said???” Swara again check her forehead asking Sanskar.
” she is fine once I had given the medicine in the hospital and next time in the morning” sanskar handed her packet. He is trying his best not to show his inner turmoil.
Later they had dinner and went to their room.
Sanskar came out of the washroom and saw seerat is in swara’s arms and both are whispering and giggling. He gulp his tears, swara don’t even show a bit through what she has gone. It was adding to his guilt that she is trying her best to give him a normal life after the punishment he had undergo. Is he really deserving these two angels in his life???
Keeping everything apart firstly he has to make sure that adarsh face hell!!
To be continued…

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