Yeh Vaada Raha — Ragsan/Raglak (prolouge)


A boy is shown sitting in dark room. He was wearing blue jeans with white shirt and bandages over her head and arms. He was holding a picture in his hand and tears were running form his eyes. Why you did this to me? Ragini ne tum aisa kyon ki and screamed from top of his lungs. Ragini I loved you like a mad, I was ready to do anything for you. I left my parents for you. I fought with the world for you and u still betrayed me. why Ragini? He was bitterly crying like a kid and blood was coming from his hand but he didn’t care at all. Ragini everything was perfect my parents agreed for our wedding and it was our wedding day and dulha toh main bana, mandap to hamari shaadi ka saja lekin dulhan koi aur le geya!! It’s sound like some movie but thiat’s reality of my life. My best friend Sanskar he betrayed me, I always treat him like a brother and that’s what I got in return. The two most important people of my life whom I trusted more than anyone else ruined my life. You both made fun of my emotions, my feelings. But not anymore, he wiped his tears away and said in determined voice.. you both have to pay for it. Tum dono khoon ke ansu bahaoge.. Yeh Vaada Raha Laksh Maheshwari ka!!!

On the other side a girl was laying down on the bed, she was wearing bridal dress and her hairs were all messed up and traces of tears were on her face. Her eyes were swollen and she was silently sobbing. I’m sorry Laksh, hume maaf kar dijeye. I didn’t betray you, from the time I learned what love is. I only love you. I know Laksh I hurt you a lot but humne jo bhi kiya I did that to save your life. I can bear your hate but I can’t see you dying. Laksh I lost in front of my destiny god why did u write all sorrows in my life. First I lost my mom when I was born then my dad left me. people use to hate me because they think I’m bad omen. But I bear everything silently. Then Laksh came in life and I don’t know when and how I fall in love with him. He healed all my wounds and fulfilled emptiness in my life. Like any other girl I always saw dream of prince charming and always dreamt of fairy tale wedding. Laksh fulfilled my all dreams and I was going to get married with my Laksh. But in the fraction of time sab kuch badal geya. I applied mehndi on my hands of my Laksh’s name but I’m wearing sindoor and manglasutra of Sanskar’s name. Oh Sanskar my childhood frined who was always there when I need him. One who use to make me laugh and one who use to do anything to see a smile on my face… but today he is the reason of my tears and pain. He was the one jisne mujhe aur Laksh ko milaya. He was one of our common friend. Till, yesterday he was dancing in our sangeet as our friend and all of the sudden he starts claiming that he loves me. she wiped away her tears and with a smirk… Mr. Sanskar Mehra who married me by blackmailing me… but you have to pay for it. I’ll make your life worst then hell… Yeh Vaada Raha Ragini Sharma ka!!!

Somewhere in lonely place a guy was standing he was wearing sherwani and guilt was visible in his eyes and face. He was standing at window and looking at stars. I know I did wrong with Ragini and Laksh. But I was helpless in front. Oh god! He screamed aloud. How I could do this with Ragini and Laksh. How I can be so selfish? Laksh always consider me like his brother, he never cares that I belong to a middle class family. How I can hurt a friend like Laksh. And Ragini who was always on my side when I was feeling low or lonely. I broke all her dreams. Ragini jaanta hu maine tumhare saare supne tod diye but I was helpless. Whatever I did it was for your betterment. I can’t tell you anything unless I find the culprit who created all this mess. Ragini I know this marriage doesn’t mean anything to you even I don’t have any expectations from you. But I will keep this marriage and fulfill all responsibilities. I can’t lose both of you. I’ll get both of your forgiveness, no matter how hard it will but I’ll get my Ragini and Laksh back… Ragini tum jitani nafrat karo mujhse magar main sirf tumse pyaar hi karunga and one day I’ll make you fall in love with me… Yeh Vaada Raha Sanskar Mehra ka!!!

Hey peeps!! It’s my first attempt to write a ff. I’m crazy Ragsan/Raglak fan. So just try to write something. Hope you guys liked the prologue. If yes, then please hit like button and do let me know you’re your comments. How was it? Should I continue and which pair who guys want?

You guys are beautiful the way you’re.. Be confident… be yourself.. you guys can do anything!!!


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