We…Forever Together? (Part 10)


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The scene starts with Ragini seeing dadi standing behind the pillar.She keeps quiet and goes while swara looks confused I guess she is angry with me what did I do now God swara says and goes inside.ragini is seen walking in the garden suddenly she gets a call it was one of her friends what Ragini screamed in her phone.her face lightened a bit. When is it she asked tomorrow evening her friend told through the phone.i can’t believe that our seniors are ready to give as a fresher’s party she then talks with her friends and was about to start walking when she collided with someone it was known other than Arun he looked at Ragini with a smirk. Weren’t u in a angry mood a few minutes back ????he asks why do u even care????? Ragini did you forget that I am your cousin your swara dis brother Arun says.and Ragini keeps quiet.arun again starts speaking Ragini it was so nice to see you and your family thrown out Arun . Ragini becomes angry and was about to beat him when laksh stops her while Arun looks on.Laksh through his eyes tells Ragini to calm down.while Ragini does.Then Ragini turns towards Arun and says what you doing here Arun we have better things to do rather than talking with them he says and pulls Arun and walks with him.while entering the car he looks at Ragini and gives her a flying kiss while Ragini stamps her leg angrily.
Gadodia house
Gadodia house is shown everyone is talking and having dinner.while Ragini from nowhere says papa tomorrow evening I am having fresher’s day so can you please drop me papa.Ragini you always goes with your friends right then what happened know Shekhar says. No papa I don’t want to go with them I am not in a mood to can you please drop me Ragini says. Anything for you beta Shekhar says.
At night
Ragini kal thumhe class ha kya sharmishta asks yes mom I have class after that fresher’s party I will come home change and go. Ragini hugs her mother prays and then goes to sleep hugging her pillow.while sharmishta looks at her admiringly
Bose house
Bose house is shown everyone is having dinner including Arun the only sound heard is the sound of spoons against the plate.swara looks at her dad’s calmed face and asks papa tomorrow I am having fresher’s party can I please go .Arjun (swaras dad) here’s this and stops eating.Where all u have to go swara u can sit here and something rather than wasting your time outside he says But papa every one are going she says.arjun was about to say something when Arun (swaras brother) says swara u can get ready at sharp time I will drop you and u don’t need anyone’s permission it’s your life Arun says gets up from the table and goes.
At night
swara is seen sitting in bed and looking at her and Ragini’s photo in mobile Janaki comes there and sees swara in her own world she comes Inside and sits on bed near swara.i have been seeing u since you came back what happened swara you look upset Janaki says.kuch Nehi mom swara says. Swara you don’t Even know to lie to me Janaki says . while swara hugs her and says whatever happened. She then makes swara sleep on the bed and goes.
Next morning
Gadodia house
Ragini is seen exited sharmishta comes in the room and sees the room messed up what happened ragini she asks . I don’t know what to where today evening mom Ragini says.Ragini go and get ready fastly you have to go to college sharmishta says.what about party mom Ragini says. Don’t worry I will find a good dress for u before you come so my dear daughter please go and get ready u have to go.while Ragini takes a random dress and runs to bathroom she comes out wearing a peach colour knee length dress(the one in the pic)she looks at the mirror and ties her hair and comes down for breakfast.
Bose house
swara is seen getting ready she was wearing a black and brown simple salwar(the same in the pic Janaki comes in and says AJ meri beti bohut beautiful lag rehi hai. While swara smiles. What are u going to wear swara Janaki asks I don’t know ma I will wear something randomly swara says swara this is your college fresher’s party it does not come every time I will find a dress and you have to wear that. Mon please find something simple swara says I am your mom swara I know u very well Janaki says.
College canteen
Ragini is sitting with Kushi and talking Ragini you have to talk with swara this is not silly Kushi says you know right Kushi I have promised dadi that I will not talk with swara. Oh Ragini thum or thumari promise Kushi said Ragini was about to say something when laksh comes and sits near them.so what’s up Kushi di.Kuch Nehi laksh where just talking Kushi says while she gets a call and goes.laksh then sits opposite to ragini.so what’s up my chilly powder laksh asks.oh hello when did I become yours? Ragini asks you are always mine did you forget that you where my ex girlfriend for five minutes laksh says. While Ragini Ragini shows out her tongue to him.Ragini you are soo crazy.So what should I do .you know what I just love crazy girls laksh says. While Ragini looks into his eyes.while swara comes and sits along with them hi Ragini swara says While Ragini gets up to go while laksh looks on.ragini goes and laksh goes back of her . Ragini laksh calls but Ragini does not hear and continues walking.Laksh goes and pulls her holding her wrist towards him due to which she collides on his chest Ragini looks into eyes shocked while he talks Ragini I have been calling u didn’t you here he asks is there a problem between you and swara he again asks . while Ragini does not reply and goes from there.
Canteen swara is sitting sadly with Kushi next to her Ragini had never been angry to me Kushi but today swara cries and says.Hai someone says and they looks up .It was Sanskar he comes and sits them he sees swaras eyes filled with tears but was unable to do anything.kushi do you know something tears have always made the beautiful people look ugly Sanskar says. Kushi do u know that tears always helps bus to open up swara says . Kushi if we cry we lose our energy Sanskar says . Kushi tears helps us to forget everything swara says.Guys it’s enough I have not told you to say me the advantages and disadvantages of tears.
Evening Ragini is seen getting ready she is wearing a fade white and black gown(the same in the pic) sharmishta comes and ties her hair into a bun .
Swara is also seen she is wearing a purple colour long gown(the Same in the pic)Janaki comes and tries to put makeup for swara while swara says mom I don’t want to look like chudail.
Both Ragini and Swara comes out of their house and looks at eachother Ragini opens her mouth to compliment swara but stops midway remembering dadi.
The screen freezes
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