My dangerous boss and crazy me (swasan fs) by Marsuu Shot 21


My dangerous boss and crazy me
(SwaSan fs)
Shot 21:
Recap: sanskar bring swara to maheshwari house and take care of her.

” why don’t you love me sanskar??” She merely whisper lying on his well build chest. Sanskar got confused why she asked a stupid question. He look at her who was already staring him. Sanskar can clearly observe some kind hurt pain in her eyes which is beyond his understanding. They were happy right then what happened suddenly???
” why are you asking like this??” Finally he find words to say.
Swara’s tears fell down her cheeks. Sanskar panicked and cups her face.
” firstly stop crying and tell me what’s going in your mind?” He was fed up with her silence.
” you are very bad why you shouted at me in office” she hit his chest. Sanskar held her hand and join his forehead with her
” I’m so sorry swara I was just tensed with over work that’s why I shouted but I had already learned my lesson you are most important for me and I will never shout at you promise” his tear fell on her face. He was regretting alot for his rude behavior. It’s his weakness he can’t control his anger which leads to worst consequences which he is facing now.
Still!!! He can’t digest it that swara left him just bcoz he shouted at her.She is hiding something from him.
” why you left me swara and I want the actual reason” he strictly ordered.
” I don’t deserve you I’m very childish, clumsy and you always want a sensible wife that’s why you don’t take me to any business party” she said sniffing all the while.
” and who told you all this??” His eyes are raged. He is well aware of swara’s innocence, she very easily fall in others talks.
” you always said you will never fall in love with a crack piece. Now why you are acting??” Though she is scared but don’t want to back off.
” just shut up yes I used you say but I never mean it. And coming to my choice I thought of having a mature wife but after your arrival I forgot everything. I love your craziness and kiddo behavior. Lastly I myself don’t attend business parties what I will take you next time we both will go happy??”
He answered her all questions. How can even she think rubbish when they have come too ahead in their relation.
But still the person who manipulated her has to be revealed.
” and why you called Tanya to tell you went to Delhi and offered her to come??” She shouted loudly.
Tanya, he almost got to know who has done all this drama.
” what the hell!! Why I will offer her and I called on landline she received and I told to inform you as your phone was switch off” his tone was getting loud.
” what else she said tell me” he give stern look. Swara explain everything about her conversation with tanya.
” that b*t*h created all the misunderstanding” he ran his hand frustratedly in his hairs.
“You don’t trust me swara the time we spend with each other how easily you forgot. I proposed you in front of the whole world and our special night do you think it was fake” his eyes are wet. She believed that so called Tanya not him.
” I’m so..rry, the situation was like this that I fell in her trap” swara’s voice chocked bcoz of crying. Sanskar’s eyes soften looking at her condition, it’s not good for her health.
” shhh it’s okay don’t cry plz” he kiss her tired teary eyes.
” you love me na??” She ask looking in his eyes. Sanskar signed she still need the answer.
” yes I love you Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari if you want I can announce in the media also” he said. Swara smile and mumble
” I love you too it’s all bcoz of kamini Tanya” swara greeted her teeth. Sanskar signed in relief she is coming to her form back.
” we will see her tomorrow now close your eyes and sleep” he hug her kissing at her forehead.
Both slept peacefully after many days.

Next morning(SwaSan Room)
Swara is sitting on the bed with bappy on her side. She told him everything, sanskar is in the kitchen who went to bring swara’s breakfast.
Tanya enter inside their room to taunt swara and have fun.
” how are you swara…” Tanya’s words left incomplete when she received a flying pillow directly hitting her nose.
” kamini dandiya how dare you to say wrong about my Sanskar” she shouted. Its tanya’s good luck that Swara can’t stand bcoz of injury otherwise she was gone.
” what are you saying swara??” Tanya tried to act innocent.
” just keep your mouth shut idiot and get lost from my and sanskar’s life. He loves me only” swara show her thumbs down and stuck her tongue.
Tanya thought to leave before the situation get worst and ran from there.
Sanskar came with soup and swara’s medicine. He sat beside swara and started feeding her.
” what that pillow is doing on floor” Sanskar asked looking at the pillow.
” I hitted that dandiya” swara scrunched her nose. Sanskar smile at her. After giving her medicine he went downstairs to place the dishes and swappy got busy with each other.

In the corridor when sanskar was coming back, he saw tanya his blood boiled bcoz of her swara suffered.
” Tanya stay away from swara” he warned her.
” ohh so she told you everything but you also can’t change that she don’t deserve you. She is blo*dy..” Before tanya could complete Sanskar slap her. He is behaving as gentleman till now bcoz she is girl but when it comes to swara he won’t hear anything.
” pack your bags” he ordered.
” why?” She asked furiously.
” bcoz you are going out of this house” he said dangerously.
” I will not go anywhere” Tanya.
” within an hour leave the house respectfully otherwise I won’t mind throwing you out” he said and left to his room

” sanskar I want to go out” swara pleaded she is fed up of sitting on the bed.
” swara your condition is not good so sit silently” Sanskar won’t compromise with her health. Swara make pout, sanskar sat on the couch working on lappy.
” you talk something bappy” she said turning to him.
” I think I got my girlfriend’ bappy said blushing.
” ayee hayeee who is the girl” swara teases him.
” she is new employee in our office” he said. He is even more shy than a girl.
” did she proposed you and what’s her name??”swara asked excitedly.
” her name is rubby and she always smile at me. I need your help to know her feelings” bappy tensely said.
” no need to take tension when swara is there I will definitely set you with her” swara was saying like if she is successfully running some marriage bureau.
” sweety love you” bappy pull her cheeks.
Sanskar who was listening them clear his throat when bappy said love you.
” its brother sister vala only” bappy smile sheepishly at him.
Sanskar signed at them. No one can win when both are together.
Sanskar’s phone rings and he received it after going out as its of inspector.
” yes any news of culprit” sanskar asked.
” yeah plz you come to police station” inspector said.
” alright” Sanskar cut the call and went after informing swara that he has some work.
To be continued…


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