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USA California
A office building is shown a man walks in
He’s waiting at reception
“hello how can I help you”asks a girl
“sorry sir mam is not here she has been to London” says the girl
The man disappointly walks out
‘till when u’ll be angry with ur dad’ the man thinks in mind

“ho ho hooo” a girl was screaming riding cycle down street
Her hairs were flying in air she had a big smile on her face
Followed by her friends who were cycling along her
They stops near a cafe and enters in
“I don’t understand what u get by doing such crazy stunt” one of girl In gang ask
“Adeventure” she replied and all laughed
“Some day ur adventure will land u in trouble”
“kal kis ne deka hai jo hoga deka jaye ga(who has seen future what ever happens we’ll see it)” she says smiling
She received a call
Her mood got dull
She simply walked out
“ragini” but she had left
“What happened to her” shaila asks
“don’t know”
India, Mumbai
Its mid night
A big house is shown
Their is complete silence
A lavish room is shown a man was sleeping he was moving in sleep
“no” he jerks forehead covered with sweat he was shirtless
He closes his eyes tight and opens removes the comforter wears his shirt and walks from bed towards balcony
The cool breeze gives him some peace
He looks towards sky the moon was visible the stars were shining
‘why did u leave me mom’he said in mind looking towards sky a lone tear escaped his eye he wiped it
The next day
He was all ready in formals he walked towards closet and was searching for his watch he picked it tied on his hand
He received a call
“sir devgarh rajmata wants to meet u”
“ok inform her I’ll be coming their in some time”saying he hanged the call
And walked towards another cupboard opened a drawer and picked a file
While searching for file he found some thing he picked it and smiled and kept it back and walked down
“good morning bhai sa” greeted a girl
“good morning choti” the girl frowned hearing choti from him
“bhai” she said cutely in anger
“ha choti” he too teased her
“how many times I said u don’t call me that”
“and how many times I said u, u’ll be my choti always” he said pulling her cheeks
“ahh whatever”
She put her hands around his neck and he around her both walked
“Waise where this early”
“an important meeting so going their”
“oh god don’t u get bored always these boring meeting and work”
He chuckled
“no” he said
They had their breakfast together and he left
While going out he saw a man entering he didn’t bluge to wish him he just left
“dad come lets have BF” the girl called
“why this early he left”
“he had some meeting” the girl informed
“don’t he get tried” the man asked rather complained
“I was thinking the same he has become a total work holic”
Another house is shown a lady was instructing servants to clean the house
The man entered their
“hello aunty” he greeted
“hello sanskar beta what a pleasant surprise u here”
“wo came to meet rajmata when I went office she was not their so came to meet her”
“ok beta she is study room u can go their” he walked
At study
A old lady is shown going through some files two people are standing next to her
“kama gani rajmata” he greeted
“kama gani kunwarsa please come in” the old said stood and greeted him and called him
“arrange for sancks” the lady said
“rajmata the file which u asked”
He forwarded some documents to her
“thanks alot beta it was a great help indeed”
“its my pleasure rajmata anytime for u”
“aren’t u forgetting something ” the lady raised her eye brow
“sorry dadisa”
“its ok but next time I would love if u prefer to call dadisa instead of rajmata”
They had some formal talks
And he left
While going back he stopped near store room
It was covered with dust but something stopped him
He walked in and picked a portrait it was dusty
He cleaned it
It was a pic of some girl
It was not much clear spoiled only eyes were clearly visible he was lost
“yuvraj u here” he jerked with servant’s voice
“yeah wo who’s pic is this”
“shama (sorry) but I have no idea”
Sanskar left but he took the pic with himself
He didn’t know why but he felt drowned
“what” a girl screamed entering the hall
“u fool why didn’t u inform me” she barked at servant
“I am sorry rajkumariji”
“swarna” a voice called
“realx sis”
“what relax jaya he was here and these people didn’t care to inform me”
“oh hoo so why are u getting so much hyper”
“u know well I don’t get chance to meet him and today he was here and I just missed it”
“ouch u fool don’t u have eyes” ragini yelled at some one
She was walking at airport being lost in thoughts she dashed with some one and fell down her all belonging were scattered their
She stood up rubbing her arm
“I have but I think u need specs” said the voice with whom she dashed
“you” she was angry
“ragini yaar we are getting late” her friends called
She gave irritated look and walked
“urghh cheapo” she cursed him and walked
But she forget to pick her passport during checking it hit her mind that her passport was missing
She couldn’t board her flight
The same boy was waiting for some one
A man came out of airport
The boy waved his hand
The man smiled
He ran and hugged him
“missed u so much bro” he squealed in happiness
They were walking out of airport when sanskar stopped
“What happened”
“I need to make an important call ratan” he informed
“ok bro but fast I am waiting out”
Sanskar called some one he was talking on phone and walking out when he felt some thing beneath his foot he hanged the call and bent down and picked it
“passport but who’s it can be” he was about to open ratan’s voice stopped him
‘I’ll hand it to police’ he tought
The screen ends with smiling sanskar’s face who walks out of airport and angry face of ragini who was cursing her fate
So next chapter will be with intro and other characters hope u guys’s like it
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