Swara placed her hands on sanskar neck and came close to him.Sanskar was sweating badly due to closeness.She don’t know what to do and if she didn’t act like drunkard then sanskar will know about the truth.She trace the finger on sanskar face and shiver went through sanskar body.”Why the hell you kissed me on the morning” said swara.Then only sanskar realize the situation.He innoncently said because “u r my wife”.Swara then stand up from his lap and went towards the tv and put the romantic song.Then again came towards sanskar and extended her hand to him.”I am u r wifena then come and dance with me” said swara.Sanskar happiness has no boundaries but he know she is not in her senses so that only she was speaking with him nicely(poor sanskar).”Oh my god it is my long time wish to dance with him but poor boy he didn’t know that i am acting” said to swara herself.Then sanskar standup and went close to swara and  placed his hands on her waist.Swara was shivering with his touch.Swara placed her left hand on his shoulder and right hand on his left hand.Then they slowly start the dance.Swara skin was burning under his gaze.
                After sometime they stopped dance but swara have naughty idea in his mind.”sanskar i want ice cream” said swara.Then sanskar turned to go kitchen but swara held his hand.”I am also come with you” said swara.Sanskar held her hand and move few steps but she again stopped and said “My leg was paining and extended her hands towards him”.Sanskar understand what she meant and he immediately picked her in his arms.
               Sanskar descending the staircase with swara in his arms.Swara was enjoying and placed her hands on his neck.After reaching kitchen sanskar placed swara on kitchen counter.Then he went towards the fridge.He opened the fridge door and take the ice cream from the freezer.Swara immediately take the ice cream box from sanskar hands and eating fastly.Sanskar was admiring his cute childish shona.He was seeing swara romantically but our swara concentration is only on ice cream.Then swara saw the sanskar and said”i am not going to share ice cream with u”.”I am your husband but your are not sharing this small ice cream with me how bad you are” said sanskar innocently and make a pout.Swara was melting in his behaviour.Then she take the ice cream with spoon and feeding him.”oh god if she is in her full senses then i am the most happiest person in the world but after gaining her sense she will again get angry on me for this situation” said sanskar himself. 
              Sanskar also feeding swara.Ice cream is fully spread on swara lips.After seeing swara lips sanskar just want to grab her lips with his lips but he know it’s wrong because she is not in her senses.Swara knew what sanskar is thinking.So she was teasing sanskar “you kissed me on morning so that i want to take revenge on you” said swara.Sanskar confusedly looking at swara.Then she grabbed his collar and pulled him close to her.Sanskar widened his eyes because swara kissed on his cheeks tightly.Ice cream which is spread on swara’s lips now it is on sanskar’s cheeks.”Haha i took my revenge on you but my ice cream is now on your face and i don’t want to waste my ice cream” said swara.Sanskar didn’t understand anything but the next movement he was just freezed on the spot.Swara was licking ice  cream which is on sanskar’s cheeks.She placed her hands on his neck and licking ice cream sometimes she tease sanskar by licking near his lips.Sanskar fisted his hands into ball to control himself but swara didn’t stop licking.Sanskar lost his control on himself and going to capture her lips but swara pushed him suddenly.Sanskar felt disappointed and swara jumped down from the kitchen counter and take the ice cream bowl.   “Now only My revenge is fully  completed  for morning incident”said swara and bite his earlobe.Then she ran towards the room  but here Sanskar was shocked to the core because of swara’s behaviour.

             Sanskar drink baang and poor swara.


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