First love ? wait or Second love ? swaragini ss


hello swasians and ragsians … love u both infinite … plz support me in this as well …. but plz 1 side will be not happy as it will be ragsan ff . okk but yes swasan fans can see a very pious bongld of swasan in strting pf chapters … alsi plz no violation as i dont want any fights … plz …😣😣

sanskar maheshwari : same …. cool handsome .. buisness man …. is in relation with swara for past 1 years .. he met her in an family occasion . her family is very happy . they are eagely waiting to see them married . but swasan are not ready ..
he have a cousin . ( not rakhi bro sis ) plz …. rags … very beaitiful girl . she is love of his life bit wait is it so ????? .

plz i want swasan fans also to read …….. conclusion made is very sensible … i will also write this same story as swasan pairs as well … but first let this story go well ..😀😁😂😃😄😅😆🤔😐😑😶


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