Everything is fair in love- Episode 3


When Swara saw Lakesh she was really shocked. After a good 5 minutes she could only manage to utter Lakesh …..
L: Great I thought you lost your voice or rather forgot me…
S: It’s nothing like that Lucky. (regaining her sense)
L: It’s just Mr. Lakesh Maheshwari…. For you its rather Mr. Maheshwari.( He shouted)
Swara was still in shock. And was not able to fully understand the situation
L: (Calming himself) That’s how you address your boss…..
S: What when…. How did you become my boss….
L: Well for your knowledge I have purchased this SWASTIK FINANCESE of yours..
Now now Swara felt like Earthquack coming along with the Tsunami…
L: And now you listen to me…. You have done enough damages. Now its your payback time. Now I will say and you will do as I say. Now I will play the music and you will dance accordingly. Ab ye khel k sare rules bhi mere aur game bhi mera… you will just do as I say
S: What if I disagree…(in anger)
L: Well Well… How did I forgot the most important part angry bird… Yes why would you agree.. Well if you don’t then I would go public with these documents…
S: What are these…
L: Look and conform this yourself this are documents that states rather proves that your brother Aryan Sharma has done a fraud of a whooping Rs.25 cr in the company…
Swara is shocked looking at those papers… They really seems real..
S: No my bhai can never do such thing. You just fabricated it …(crying)
L: Ho even I don’t believe this but the proof says so….
And if you don’t want me to go public with it you will do as I say
S: Lakesh the matter is between you and me. Why are dragging my family into it.
L: No Swara I am not dragging any family into it. It’s totally up to you to drag them or not.
Swara feels really defeated and she at the verge of crying
S: OK Lakesh I will do anything you say. Just don’t pull my family into this.
L: Wow Swara itni jaldi maan gayi I was really hoping for some good fight. I am really disappointed.
S: Don’t be Mr. Lakesh Maheshwari I do know when to stop my fights, I do choose them wisely
L: Yes Swara your choices had always been wise… who knows it better than me…
S: I thought I knew you Lakesh but I was totally wrong….
L: You are soon going to know me swara …
Swara was really sad and she started to leave his cabin when he suddenly called her back. She turned back with a little hope in her mind but…
L: Listen Swara you are not to speak a word of this to your parents or mine and not even to that stupid friend of yours whatever be her name. you know othe wise what I can do…
Swara was really angry now so she just shouted back
S: Yes Mr. Lakesh Maheshwari I know what you are capable of, and be relived I am not like you to drag family into this, you can at least believe me in this…. And finnaly she is not stupid… she is my FRIEND… So please stop dragging her in any form.. Her name is Ragini… Its Mrs. Nair for you… And from next time do remember its not even Miss. Swara Sharma but Miss. Sharma for you. And please sir do keep it like that…
Saying this Swara ran from there to her cabin…

Lakesh’s POV
What happens to me when she is near? I wanted to warn her but it seems that she was like a big neon warning sing for me. Shit….!!! She still uses the same exotic perfume that I once gifted her. Her perfume blended with her unique body odor still makes me go crazy even after all this years. But I can’t let this happen I know she really is. I really did not want to bring her family into this mess I know Aryan did nothing but I need her under n\my control, I also know that her family is her greatest strength and her biggest weakness. When it comes to people who she thinks as her own she can cross any oceans or slay any demons without thinking for a second, well that’s why she without thinking even defended that friend of hers. Well I just came for my revenge and I will have it.
Swara’s POV
Ho…God can anything more go wrong in my life. Today I saw him…. Yes after so long… and yes he is hell angry with me. I can’t say he is at fault either I brought this day on myself. But bringing bhai into this was just not acceptable… how can he do that. But what if goes public as he says… I can’t risk that. God please help me I cannot tell it to Ragu too.. She will just… god knows what she will do him when it comes to me she is totally mad…. no I can’t risk telling her this. I just hope that Lucky do not hate with the passion he loves….. Please Shivji…. Help your bhakth…


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