Ragsan- when my life became yours (Episode 9) “the fun we had”


“You have got good punch lines. I guess my presence is affecting your brain.” I said with my eyes sparkling in mischief. {https://goo.gl/images/K6FGmz} And the next moment we were in laughter…..holding our stomachs tight. https://goo.gl/images/NtKuCv} “Let’s show them that we are still the weirdness queen.” My innocent sister replied and I started her deep brown hazels for a time. “Always ready to play!” I said and we headed towards them, intertwining our hands. As soon as we reached the shop next to him swara excused herself for a moment and I agreed with a disappointed face. I was standing there, planning evils plans in my mind when I observed him keenly. Oh! Man he was looking so handsome today. https://goo.gl/images/KoMdne

He had an extra attractiveness in his eyes….A wider grin on his more innocent face….something which making me drive crazy today. I was staring him with pouring all love in my eyes when he greeted me and I finally broke out of my dreamland. I let out a sigh recording recent incidents in my mind. A moment later I was in his arms. And the best part was that I hugged him not he. Yes! The girl who was talking to play something…..fraction of seconds ago was now hugging the same. What could even I do in this situation? Love is like this only….it doesn’t highlight the fights and disappointment one own faced….it only portrays the sad face of lover. Same was like me….I couldn’t resist my heart from beating for him…..I can’t resist my eyes to find love in my eyes……I can’t resist falling for him.

As I finished hugging him laksh. . { https://goo.gl/images/DRzawq} called him up and I turned around only to look at my sister who was ready to erupt any time. “Someone was very determined a second before. Determined to play and now look the same was forgot everything a second later. Ragini…don’t you think such people should get a good punch?” she said huffing. All I could do was holding my ears and make as innocent face as any duke ever had on this earth. Finally after much pleading she agreed and plastered a fake smile on her face. My heart clearly knew that she is unhappy with me but Ragini has her owns ways. If she comes to her swag then she can do anything to everything to make her sister…..her soul smile. “Where is that extra cute guy?” I murmured beneath my breath with my eyes examining the room. Suddenly my ears drums catch a sound of click but I was so lost that I hardly paid any attention to the source of sound. A second later I felt a pull on my shoulder and when I looked back….there was he standing confused. “What your mind is searching for?” he asked me while crossing his hands across his chest.

The action was complimented by tilting of his head. “You” I replied and embraced him in a hug. “I hope you aren’t angry at me?” I asked him while cupping his face in same nick of time. “Look! I am really very guilty due to my actions. I know you must be feeling that I betrayed you but seriously I even didn’t have a single hint about her plan. If I would have known before I would have surely planned something else. I am really sorry, dear. I was really struck in a dilemma. I am sorry. Please don’t be angry on me. Please!” I said in a one go! “Had we attended your last appointment?” he gave an unusual reply. “What?” I said knitting my eyebrows. Don’t you tell that we missed your psychiatrist appointment! “ he said wittily. Oh god! Anyone please give him tuition of humor classes. In reply he got light hitting on his arm although I have put in my best efforts. “by the way why that extra ordinary compliment today?” I questioned him…. With my eyebrows responding in same.{ https://goo.gl/images/6IDDsP}

“of course! When you will eat up all my brain and fill it with your needless sorry then I would crack such jokes only na! “ he said making my laugh cover up my face again.
Here i rest my case.


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