Avneil SS: We Are One part 4


Hello lovely readers I am back with the 4th episode. I am extremely sorry for breaking your hearts by separating avneil but I promise you that once this chuhi is out of avneil’s life I will show a full chapter on avneil and romance. One more news is there. In fact it is a good news. From today onwards chuhi bhagao avni wapas ao mission starts. And I am eagerly waiting for Mrs. Avni Ayesha Neil Khanna again to become Miss Ananya Verma and throw out this churail chuhi. Now I will stop my chattering here and will continue my chattering at the end of the today’s episode.
After avni left, neil stormed out of the house and went to police station. Even though he was going through the case files but he was not at all concentrating on the file. He receives a call from an unknown number.
Neil: hello!
Person: everything went smoothly. Now the 2nd part should be started as soon as possible.
Neil: yah! You are right. But is it necessary to do that. I mean to catch vidyut and pandit we could use other means…..
Person: quite! We have to do this in order to catch him red handed.
Neil: kk. Thn I will call u back later.
Neil ends the call and then he sees avni pic on his phone which he kept as the wallpaper.
Neil: wish u were here, avni. Neil is nothing without avni. (he cries)
**later that evening**
Avni is seen waiting for someone. She was wearing a high waist jeans with a shirt and sneakers. She had a backpack and a Bluetooth on her ear. Sheru gang came there with ali.
Ali: avni. We came. Now let’s start our plan.
Avni: neil’s marriage is after three days which means we have less time. So let’s get going.
Avni, sheru gang along with ali goes to their secret laboratory and takes the DNA report which the sheru gang had made a duplicate copy.
Avni: kk guyz now I will leave for goa and will come back by day after tomorrow before dawn.
Sheru gang and ali: kk di/ avni.
Avni: now listen guyz. Until I come back u have to keep an eye on juhi, vidyut and pandit. Guyz try to trace her calls and she when, where and what time she goes to meet them and record their conversations. Kk guyz know I will leave.
And so the sheru gang bids bye to avni and avni takes the car provided by sheru gang and goes.
**khanna mansion**
Sweta: where is neil? He hasn’t come home.
Bebe: he will come home.
Prakash: don’t worry. He might have got engaged in some work so…..
The door opens and neil comes inside with a wine bottle in his hand, all drunk.
Juhi: neil, what have u done to yourself neil. For god sake, for that illegitimate u….
Neil pushes juhi and slaps her so hard she falls on the ground. Neil then points his index finger at her.
Neil: just because of u. my avni is not with me. just because of u she sacrificed her love for me and left. Just because of u she accepted misti and dangered her life to rescue her. Just because of u she was even ready to get divorce from me. just because of u she was ready to get sold off. Get lost u dirty pig.
Neil leaves from there. Sweta taunts her and leaves from there along with everyone. The screen freezes on juhi’s angry and full of jealousy face.
I hope u like today’s episode. This one is dedicated to khyathi to wish her all the best as she has started her journey as an author from yesterday onwards. sana dear, I hope u will read this ff and comment because I want u to read it. Don’t forget to like and comment my dear lovely friends.


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