khamosh katil – character sketch (tashan e ishq, swaragini, naamkaran)


hey guys thanks for your support . i was really ill for a long time i wont be able to post becuz of exams probably until dec 23
so enough of my talking

character sketch
mahi triveidi: a sweet innocent gal loves druv to the extent 20 yrs old
dhruv pandit: ( played by mohit malholtra) loves mahi and is her fiancé possessive 20 yrs old
ragini gadodia: aa well organized gal love laksh 19 yrs
laksh maheswari: love ragini too 20 yrs
twinkle taneja: the most sweetest gal loved by everyone ( not in a relationship) 20yrs
kunj sarna : a full of life kinda guy( not in a relationship) 20 yrs
avni singhania : scardey cat, fears trouble and clumsy as hell 20 yrs
those mentioned above are best of friend since childhood. ( tip:they will suspect one later in the story)

now other important characters
neil Khanna: ACP serious towards every case. his family means everything to him 22 yrs
maya arora; new at college shy and well mannered girl scared cat too 18 yrs
tip to be noted they all are in last year of college and were cared by maria a care taker of a orphanage except maya except neil does not attend college
and most of their parents ae business related person so parents don’t really play an important part

well i hope you all are in for a power packed thriller nd adventure full of love betrayal and hate hope yall liked it.


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