Me and my love a shivika love story 26thth shot


Welcome guys once again

Scene starts from

Aniru doing their breakfast ,and om playing with ansh nd shivaay change his. Clothes

S- Anika
A- ji
S- mere kapde ( clothes)
A- I’m coming
Anika move towards room finds clothes she chooses but Shiv deny to wear
A- shivaay stop it now ,I’m fed up
S- baby come I’ll make u relax

Suddenly doorbell rang

S- om pls open the door
Om puts baby in his crib nd open the door ,he. Finds Gauri with a angry face ,he steps back nd she forwarded
O—. Gauri. Listen pls
G- nhi
And she takes broom ( jhadi) on her hand nd running before om
O- shivaay help me
G- stop u
Anika shivaay hear voices and came outside nd laughing on OMS condition


Guys I’ll post next chapter tommorow please drop your comments and suggestions plssssssssssssss


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