SWASAN R D Best 2 – By Hellyfan


Hi my angels …… I m back ur hellyfan.
Part 1 : part-1
soon they reached the Maheshwari mansion.
The mansion was decorated with beautiful flowers and fairy lights.
It was adding more charm to the mighty building. Swara really liked the house. The grah pravesh ritual was done.
During the Grah Pravesha, the mother-in-law then applies a Tilak to both the bride and groom, after which the couple seek blessing from the elders present. After this the bride is to tilt a Kalash (pot) laden with rice using her right foot and then step into a dish with Alta. After this she is to walk into the home leaving behind auspicious red footprints which is symbolic of the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi.
Then Swara enters in the house …. Ap hugs swara and says beta take care i know this is too much to take at this age. But im like ur ma now. Pls feel comfortable beta and Uttara take her to her room. Uttara takes her and makes her sit and and shows her the room and balcony. She talks for a while and leaves.

Thank god all are good here. I feel ap is like my ma. Bass ab sanskaar ji bhi aise hi hon…. I will tell sanskar ji to give me some time and we will be friends. Yess this is a good idea.. but its 11 and sanskaar ji is nowhere … kya ab wait kru ya so jau….
And then she sits silently on the bed..

Sanskar enters at around 1am
As soon as the door opened, swara sits straight . she felt nervous .getting courage Swara says
SWARA- sanskar ji i wanted to talk to u.
Then only swara smells liqour and says
SWARA- sanskaar ji u drink.
Suddenly sanskar shouts -chup! Enough is enough u think im a doll who can be married off to anyone . Dont i have feelings and emotions. Sabne puppet samajh rakha h ….. or upar se tum chup ni horhi ho.
Swara (with tears in her beautiful eyes)- ji…
SANSKAAAR- i said shut up! Can’t u understand..(then only his eyes caught her cute and innocent face) (with alcohol effect) Anyways u look cute u know. But y did u do this to me , y u married me dammit. And ur sister besharam ran away. Well u know I started liking her…..even she used to say the same whenever we met. (getting close to her) but u know what when we spent a night I got to know her reality … even though I never questioned her….. but sheee cheap cheee.(now he came above her) But i hav never tried a virgin u know dat too sooo young. So lemme try cmon.
Swara moves back and gets scared. She runs but slips and falls due to her heavy dress. Sanskar drags her to d bed holding her hair and slaps swara(oh poor swara) she begged him to stop but alcohol had more effect over him. He then started kissing her harshly.
SWARA- plzzz sanskaar ji u r not in ur senses plz stop it.(cries badly)
SANSKAAR- (huskily) u taste good(sryy I m an innocent kiddo)
then he removes her clothes and …… Swara feel unbearable pain because its all a forced one. She cried and cried. Soon Sanskar in drunk state falls asleep on swara. Swara cries for sometime the whole pillow cover gets wet due to tears.Then She pushed sanskar aside and runs to the washroom. She opens the shower and cries miserably . She sees the marks on her hand and ribs them. They dont go and she cries even more. She then thinks what she should do now and changes quickly and sleeps on the couch. But sleep was far away from her eyes….
PRECAP: sanskar remember nothing…..

So guys first of all I m sorry for the delay….
PS: don’t judge the characters… let the story unfold
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