Tum ho – shot 2


All were worried but sabir went to his room.  He sat on the bed strangely but ruhani’s face was coming in front of him he remembered her smile before marriage and also remember her sadness when she got to know about his and alisha relationship suddenly he saw a diary it was ruhani’s diary he smiled and took it he read few pages in which she wrote she was super excited for their marriage she wrote whole functions in detail suddenly he found a sketch it was of him and read the next page reading it he remembered their first night
Ruhani was waiting for sabir in their bedroom
Her pov
I don’t know what sabir must be feeling hope so he must be happy
Soon he entered but went straight to washroom
Her pov
He must be tired but I am too wearing this heavy dress
He came out and slept on couch she was shocked but decided to give him some time.
From next day she started to sleep on couch so that he did not get disturbed she was always hurted by his behaviour but could not hate him as she loved him.
Few days later
She saw alisha in his cabin and he was back hugging her she was hurted broken when sabir came she asked him and argued with him alot but he slapped her and she fell down he went and locked the door that night was the most painful night for her yes he beated her ruthlessly  she cried alot but whenever she cried he would hit her. He pulled her hairs and said the truth to her she was shocked and was helpless. Next morning she was most scared of him she went to shower but it pained her lot. She went to hospital where she saw alisha was discussing she heard that alisha wanted to trap sabir and his property nothing else ruhani was hell shocked she thought to say it to sabir but could not get a chance so at night
Sabir was working on laptop suddenly ruhani came out of wash room( their door was locked) she sat near dressing table and started putting her medicines it pained her lot as they were new she was unable suddenly sabir went and started applying it
S- kyu force kiya mujhe
S- abhi kitna dard ho raha na nahi karna chahiye tha na
R- sabir
S- hmm
R- alisha…
S- after that
R- alisha wants your property not u
His eyes became red due to anger he made her stand
S- really
She nods and a tight slap
S- wait just wait today
He went and took out a belt and hit her she shouted
S- shhhh chup.
He beated her again that night….
He was crying about how he behaved with her suddenly he called alisha
A- hey so late night
S- I am leaving mom and dad and also my profession
A- WHAT are u mad
S-; don’t call me again got it u liar
He cut the call
His pov
I did such a big mistake where must be ruhani God please just keep her safe .
He took the divorce papers and tear it and than took his and ruhani marriage pic
I am coming ruhani ….


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