Tum ho – shot 3


Sabir went to khurana mansion he entered
S- ruhani
He went to the hall and switched on lights and saw ruhani sleeping on floor he went and picked her and took her to her room he made her lie down on bed and checked that she was having fever he was worried he was going to take med when she holded his hands
R- sabir don’t leave me
She was murmuring and sabir looked at her lovingly he finally decided to give her body heat and to stay with her he removed his shirt and covered them with blanket giving her body heat her fever was decreased.

Next morning

Ruhani woke up and saw sabir she was shocked she was covered with blanket and he was shirtless sabir also woke up he saw ruhani
S- ruhani what u are thinking is not true
R- I don’t trust you
S- I know ruhani what I did is wrong but
R- you wanted divorce na and wait this is one more new drama maa and papa might got know about so but listen I am not going to come okk

She was leaving when he pulled her and she was upon him he turned her and was on top
S- ruhani I know I broke ur trust but give me a chance to love u ruhani I know I gave  u a lot of pain but give me a chance to heal u to care I know it’s very late to relaise but ruhani I relaised I love you ruhani I promise you I will love you forever
Tears weld up in her eyes he wiped them
No more crying
She hugged him I love u too sabir I love u he kissed her forehead and says aaj se main tumhe apna pyaar dunga ruhani itne dard diye na now I would heal them saying this he kissed her she reciprocate it.

Few days later

Everything became normal and fine
Ruhani loved sabir one fine night she was standing near window admiring the moon sabir came and observe her and went and gave a back hug rubbing his nose in her neck and whispered
What happened why are you so tensed
R- sabir I can’t believe that I am getting ur love you are loving me more than any thing I never imagined this day

Sabir turned her around and kissed her forehead and says ap to Hain na yakeen she laughed but sudden went to wash room she vomited. She came out sabir was tensed he asked her is she fine

She smiles and says nothing you are just going to become father
S- oh.. what! that means you are

She nods his happiness has no bounds he picked her up and moved around…….
It was a new start for their life


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