I am yours os (no khwabir) kanchi shot 3


Kabir was checking his emails when hever saw Khawish’s email it was a legal document he opened and saw they were divorce papers He was shocked and was signed by khawish but remember how she behaved.
With khawish She collides with sanchi
K- sanchi I am really sorry
S- it’s ok
K- smiles and leaves

She past time sees at the hospital and opens the door of her car and drives remembering her and kabir moments Bg music kaun tujhe
Tu aata hain seene main
Jab jab saase bharti hoon

(Their marriage)
Tere dil ke galiyon se
Har roz khuzarti hoo
Haawao ke jaise chalna Hain tu
Main reth jaisi udhti hoon
Kaun tujhe
Yoon pyaar karega jaise main karti hoon

(Tears flows from her eyes )
Meri nazar ka safar
Aa tujh pe hi rukhe
Kehne ko baki Hain kya
Kehna tha jo kah chuke
Meri nighahe
Teri nighao se
Tujhe kya ghabar
Be khabar

(Their cute fights in college)
Main tujh se hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhe padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe
Yoon pyaar karega
A truck comes and crashes with her car (just like in ms dhoni)
Jaise main karti hoon

All people’s gather around her she was in SDCAH and sanchi called kabir he rushed to hospital doctor came out
D- she has very few time left with her her sensory nerves are been damaged and her internal organs are also bleeding the accident was a major one may be 2 hrs but she needs 1 hr for formalities
Listening to him kanchi were shocked and sad the doc goes kabir bents on knees she did all this for me and cried what I did I raised my hands on her she sacrificed her whole life happiness for me she regarded me as her best friend but I behaved so harshly with her
Sanchi consoled him and they shared a hug when khwahish got shifted to general ward
They went to her

Khawish wanted to touch his face he bent down and touches her face
K- I am sorry khwahish please don’t leave me we will do our new beginning
Khawish in low tone- no kabir u love sanchi and I wanted us to be her and I am sorry I told so much about sanchi
She looks at her and calls her and says
Sanchi please be with my kabir he needs u he will love u forever please
She removed her oxygen mask and said
Promise me u both u would be with each other forever
Joining their hands and closed her eyes
Both screamed- khawish
Outside kabir was cryingbitterly sanchi centre he hugged her and said will u fulfil khawishlast wish she nodded


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