Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (SwaSan Reunion) Only Mine Part 9 by Marsuu


Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari
(SwaSan Reunion)
Only Mine — Part 9
Recap: swasan closeness and swara see sanskar and kavita’s pic together.

Swara was in dilemma reading the words written on the back of the pic
” Sanskar love kavita”. She was thinking who can be this kavita?? Does Sanskar really love her?? Her trance of thoughts got broken when she heard her mobile ringing. She ran to receive it, when she picked the call she kept that pic on the table.
” hello ma” swara said as it was shomi on the other side.
” shona how are you??” Shomi asked.
” I’m good” swara smile as she remembered about her relation with sanskar.
” okay if you are free then come to market I have to buy few things” shomi said.
” okay ma I will come” swara answered.
” come soon I had already left the house” shomi said.
” okay I’m coming” swara cut the call. She took her purse from room and left hurriedly. She tried to inform sanskar but his phone was switch off. She left neglecting the photo on the table itself.
In the evening, sanskar return from office all tired as there were so many meetings. He look for swara but she is no where. Swara didn’t locked as watchman was there but when she left watchman went to have his lunch so she was not able to inform him.
” swara” sanskar shouted checking her in room, kitchen.
” where she went?” He thought bcoz even watchman don’t know as he asked him. He sat on the sofa and she was not receiving his calls. Then only something caught his attention, it was his and kavita’s pic. He was shocked to see it. May be this is of their college time and what its doing on table. The most astonishing thing was when he read ” sanskar love kavita”.
He got tensed and his heart beat raised.
Did swara saw it?? What she must have thought?? Did she left him after misunderstanding?? Such questions clouded sanskar’s thoughts, he took his mobile with shivering hands and called swara, all rings are going but she is not picking. The mere thought of losing her was twisting his heart. He got up and ran to door to go to badi bcoz she must be there only.
He opened the door when swara came from front with many bags in her hands. Sanskar was like he got his life back. He didn’t took a second and took her into bone crushing hug. He squeezed her against his chest. Bags also fell from her hands due to the intensity of the hug.
” sanskar” she slowly said as he was not ready to leave her.
” I thought you left me” he mumble looking at her. Swara look at him with confusion in her eyes. What makes him think like that???
” this picture from where you got?” He asked as they came inside. Swara kept bags on table and sit beside sanskar.
” I got from your album who is kavita??” She asked. Sanskar can feel she is irked with kavita’s name.
” she was my first love I was going to marry her but then she died” Sanskar said observing her expressions. Her eyes got wet when he said first love. Sanskar widen his eyes as a tear drop fell from her eye.
” swara” he side hugged her. He should not have said like this when he know she is so sensitive.
” I was kidding first stop crying” he wipe her tears kissing her forehead. Swara innocently stare in his eyes searching for so many answers.
Sanskar was little hesitant to say about kavita bcoz then everything will come out how he came back to take revenge and spoiled Swara’s character and life.
” promise me after listening everything you won’t leave me” he can’t take risk what if she will hate him after knowing about what he did to her in past. Though that past is buried deep under their immense love but she don’t remember anything.
” why I will leave you??” She was so perplexed with all this happening.
” actually I came here to take revenge from my brother and bade papa when I saw you for the first time you were going to marry my brother firstly but I spoiled that marriage….” He explained her what all he did by joining hands with her own sister ragini. He even told about their fake marriage and lastly they fall in love but suddenly kavita made entry. He told her each and everything till their real marriage. He don’t want to leave anything as it may lead to many misconceptions.
Swara was too shocked to react. She never thought their love story was so complicated.Sanskar was waiting for her reaction.
” I mean this much happened?” Sanskar nodded and chuckles at her cute expressions.
” yes you were Angel in my life who changed a devil like me” sanskar went back to that night when swara made him understand that he won’t get anything from revenge and helped him to change.
“This story was so interesting we can write book on our love story” swara laugh. Sanskar was amazed at her normal behaviour.
” you are not angry with me after what I did?” He asked for confirmation.
” Sanskar it was past and I trust you now bcoz if you don’t love me then why would you keep me with you without any expections” swara said squeezing his hand. Sanskar smile with teary eyes, she is his swara mature and childish at the same time.
” I love you so much” he was not able to stop himself from confessing.
” I like you” she said with her pretty smile. Sanskar can never get tired of admiring her.
” and you are only mine I don’t care who ever came in your life earlier” swara scrunched her nose acting as a possessive wife.
” always” Sanskar laugh saying. He kiss her cheeks.
” btw where you went??” He asked.
” ohh I forgot I went to shopping with ma” she hit her forehead.
” and your phone?? I called you so many times” He said.
” it was in purse so didn’t heard” she pout then picked the bags and show so many things she bought for Sanskar and herself. Then they prepare dinner having fun time and later went to room after having it.

SwaSan Room:
Swara is waiting for Sanskar as he is in balcony talking to someone on call. Soon he came and sat on the bed.
” who was there!?” She asked adjusting the blanket.
” what if I say my girlfriend??” He teases her.
” very funny” she give him a fake smile and make faces.
Sanskar took her in his arms lying on the bed.
” it was mom, we have to go there tomorrow” he said.
” why??” She lifted her head.
” actually my dadi is coming from village and she want whole family. May be she won’t like that we are living separately” he explained.
” means your papa’s mother is living in village??” He asked.
” no she is papa’s Massi so we call her also dadi. If you are okay we will go” sanskar said.
” I’m okay we will go and now I almost know about our past so no worries” she assures him.
” okay good night” Sanskar kiss her forehead pulling more closer. They closed their eyes and slept.

Next morning:
Swasan are packing their necessary things which they have to take to maheshwari house.
” sanskar you don’t interpret me” swara said getting annoyed as he was pushing his clothes unevenly.
” leave it and sit I will do” she ordered and he being an obedient husband sat on the bed placing his palms on cheeks.
Swara quickly packed all the stuff then she saw Sanskar is still in the same position. She smile and went near him.
” you are so cute Sanskar” she pull his cheeks sitting in his lap.
” don’t call me cute swara” sanskar protested.
*CUTE SWEET LITTLE BOY* these words flashed in swara’s mind as if she already said them. She instantly closed eyes trying to remember.
” swara” sanskar cups her face as she got numb suddenly.
” ha sanskar did I ever said cute sweet little boy??” She asked.
“Hmm you used to tease me saying cute when I don’t like” sanskar said.
” you are seriously soo cute” she intensely said joining her forehead with his. Their breathe touching each others face and heart beating in sync. Sanskar smirk and roll on her taking her beneath him on the bed.
” Sanskar” she suddenly gasp panting heavily.
” will u say me cute again” he huskily said leaving feathery kisses on her checks.
“sanskar we have to go” she mumble.
” answer me” he ordered.
” yes you are cute do what ever you want to do” swara said stubbornly.
” you don’t know what I can do” Sanskar said sarcastically.
” go ahead I’m waiting” she said moving her fingers on his lips. Sanskar stiffened and he moved back otherwise it would be so difficult for him to back off.
” now what happened??” Swara crossed her arms at chest.
” will see you later” he said making her laugh.
They gathered their things and left to maheshwari house. Dadi will be coming in the evening so they went in morning only.
To be Continued….

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