My impossible love sdcah- episode 12



Kayan in one room in kashmir kanchi drunk and kissed ayaan he felt guilty
Next morning 🌄🌄🌄
Kanchi woke up and saw ayaan was holding her hand and sleeping he moved and kanchi fell on him they shared a eyelock Bg music ae dil hai mushkil
They came to their senses and moved apart.
Kanchi went to washroom she freshen up and came out and ayaan went soon both of them were going to meet interns
While with them
Ruhani- sabir
She screamed
S- what happened subah subah kaan ke parade tear karo gi
R- shut up
S- what happened
Ruhani slapped him
S- how dare you
R- ohh really how can u do this to ur sister sabir
S- what I did
R- u mixed drugs in kanchi mam’s  drink
S- u
R- why don’t you respect girls
S- u girls are been just made for enjoyment for pleasing us
R- don’t it matter for ur sister’s dignity last night do you even know what happened last night she is living with ayaan sir
Sabir started thinking
Ruhani took his face and looked at him
R- look sabir it doesn’t mean that ur parents don’t love u
S- they always care for her
R- no sabir they three have much concern for u u are important very much u should respect them na u are a brother it’s ur responsibility ur sisters dignity is ur family’s reputation
Sabir hugged her tightly she reciprocate it
R- acha she might be coming na stop crying stupid
S- u always tease me (in a cute voice)😟😟
R- jaise u don’t na
She wipes his tears he took her hand
S- I promise you ruhani I will do this only what u told me
She smiles
R- now lets be friends
She hugged him he caressed her hairs till than kanchi came she smiles and ayaan also
They treats patients while it was break time kayan were having lunch
A- kanchi eat something yaar
K- how much should I eat
A- offo take it
K- are
While with rubir
Ruhani- sabir I want to eat pastas not these
S- but we can’t have
R- but I want ahhhh…. sabir please

Precap- sabir preparing pasta and everyone back to sdcah and abheer and kanchi marriage fixed


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