Swaragini : my side story (episode 14)


Ragini was  thinking abut maya .The whole morning events were revolving in her head. Sanskar comes there to drop her luggage.He sees her tensed and lost in thoughts.He goes to her but ragini who  is lost in her own world  doesn’t realise this and bump into him.and due to the weight of luggage in his hand both fall on the bed.Ragini was beneath him and his hand was on her lower back while another one was on her  bare stomach as her saree slid  off completely.Both of them had unknown  tension building inside them.her scared looks were piercing his eyes directly.His looks were so innocent that for a minute ragini felt she was looking at the same old sanskar who was once acting as mad a guy.He slid his hand which was on her waist slwoly to her face and tucked a small strand of hair which was disturbing him from seeing her beautiful face.Ragini shivered at his touch.He traced his thumb along her jaw to her lips and rubbed off the extra gloss of her lips.and started rubbing her lips with his thumb.
Sanskar: why do you apply lip gloss?
Ragini: what?
Sanskar: your lips are already so pink and juicy but still.
Ragini points to his chest indicating him to get up.
Sanskar gets up but ragini’s hair was stuck in his shirt.he tried to removed but it was tangled very badly.

Ragini: aargh..
Sanskar:sorry. Will try slowly.
He looked at her face and both were lost in each other.
Swara: ragini.
Both jerk at the voice.
Swara was coming towards ragini’s room.
Ragini: oh no swara .sanskar come with me. Fast.
Sanskar: but why?
Ragini drags him inside washroom and
locks the door.As her hair was still stuck in his shirt she had to lean against his chest.He held her waist so as she doesn’t fall.
Swara enters the room.
Swara: ragini?Where r u?
Sanskar : why r..
ragini placed her hand on his lips.
Ragini:shh..swara I am in washroom.
Swara: are u ok?
Ragini: yeah I just wanted to fresh up.
Swara: ok come soon.Lunch is ready.
Swara leaves.
Here sanskar removes ragini’s hair carefully.
Ragini sighs in relief.
Sanskar why did u bring me here.
Ragini: I didnt want swara to feel bad.
Sanskar: but ragini we love each other .I am sure swara will understand.
Ragin: I know but..What We loveeachother.Sanskar I dont love you.
Sanskar cups her face.
Sanskar: you do sweetheart .
Ragini: who told you.
Sanskar: your own eyes.
Ragini immediately lowers them.
HE smiles when she didnt oppose.
Sanskar: don’t worry I wont force you.
She smiles inwardly.
Sanskar: by the way .why were u so worried when I came.
Ragini: wo I was thinking about morning’s incidents.
Sanskar: about maya?
Ragini doesn’t look at him.
Sanskar: Maya is beautiful,funny ,hot and my best friend too but you are my everything so no competition  for you ma’am.
Ragini : I am not jealous.
 Sanskar : I didnt say you are jealous.
Ragini fidgets with her pallu.
HE looks naughtily at her.
Sanskar: come down soon .
He goes leaving ragini  blushing like red tomato.

Later that night Pari takes Maya to her room.
Pari: what is this maya .Why did you come from US.
Maya: di ? I am your sister .
Pari: that why I am asking you lovingly .Forget sanskar and dont come between ragsan.They truly love each other
Maya: Di even I love Sanskar.
Pari: Maya.With great difficulty ragini got true love now dont spoil it.
Maya : I am your sister .Ragini is more important to you.
Pari: yes she is more important.Now just leave India.
Maya: I cant.I love him and I will make him mine.
Pari: he doens’t love you.
A voice: actually I do.I love maya more than my life.

Epi ends.

Sorry for late and boring update.
I wrote this update 4 times and deleted it as I felt it was boring .I am not happy even with this. But due to stress I am not getting perfect episode. I will try to make next one good.Next one Nadaan dil.


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