MY LIFE……..”a tribute to all buddies”


“Hi! How are you? Well I know this is the most stupid way to start as we had a conversation last hour only but what to do your stupid found this one easiest so tried on. I know in this over smart technical only someone too dumb would write a letter but still please read on this. Today I want to convey all my feelings to you sanskar. Today I want to open up my heart in front of you. It will not be overwhelming if I say that you were a blessing for me. Being your best friend was really a fortune for me. Words are less to describe you….but I am still taking on the effort. As you know being a new student it is not a left hand task to make friends…but instead of me you were the one who started the conversation with me. I was a reserved person who got really life because of you. If you wouldn’t have been with me for sure this girl wouldn’t have been here. I laugh when you fall not because I can’t see your pain….it is because I am too coward to come and cry for you. Neither have I wanted you to take it as a very huge problem. I make fun of you….reward you with funny nick names…just because……because…..because….ahhhh……I can’t explain. The feelings I have for you….the place you secure in my heart would be always be unspoken. When you are absent around me I feel a part of my soul missing…..I feel lonely……I miss you. I don’t want you cry hearing my emotional songs……so no crying after all you are my best friend. You know why I always love to poke you…..disturb you….irritate you because I feel secured. I feel secured feeling your presence around me. Unlike others you don’t shout on me instead you keep a small alive in me. I love to fight with you because I love to converse with you…..i love to waste hours by talking to you. I love to become your sister’s follower, your only solution in problems….your only best friend. ‘Love’ is a mere word for my feeling. I love to taunt you at your low marks when you try to cover up them with your motivational thoughts because I want you to involve yourself with me and forget the topic. I don’t want to share your sadness I want to remove it. I love to be called illiterate by you. I hate when you ignore me but try to be normal but today I want to say that I die thousand times when you ignore me for a second. It’s not that I don’t feel pity on you when you ask forgiveness from me I love to get pampered by you. Your blink is the only reason I calm down on my fights. I raise my voice because I know you are at my back to hold me….protect me from back stabbers. I share my feelings with my deep secrets with you because I know that anything can happen but you and cheating can never. When you take up my hair accessories and try to scare me I don’t react not because I don’t care….it’s because I trust you. You were the one who understood me when my parents failed too! You were the one who made my schooling special. You were the one who always pampered me. You were the one who always shut the mouths who eyed us. You were the one I always desired for. I always wished to get real friends and you were the one who made my dream come true. All I want to conclude is that you are truly a blessing for me. And I promise to be yours forever. I promise to irritate you forever. I promise to be called by your nick names forever. I promise to grab your lunch and not leaving a bite forever. I promise to be your best friend forever. I really wanted this to be special….special for someone most special.
Your craziest partner in crime
“Ragini!” sanskar squealed as he rubbed the tears flowing from his brown hazels. He further continued “And I promise to keep you mine forever!”
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