Everything is fair in love- Episode 5


Episode 5
As Swara was thinking about her past lost in thoughts suddenly Ragani came and shook her out of her thoughts, and asked,
R:“ Hey what happened yaar, why are you so tensed? And what’s this rush going on in our office?
To this Swara just answered,” The vampire arrived and he is here for everyone’s blood.” Ragani could not understand what Swara was talking about when it struck her like a lighting blot.
R:What do you mean he has just arrived Indore and you have already met him??
S:What do you mean you already knew he is arriving today and you did not find it necessary to inform me…..!
R: Well I got to know about it only from today’s newspaper and I had called you like hundred times to inform you where is you lovely phone?
At this Swara took out her phone and saw 16 missed calls.
R: Now say who was at fault.
S: Sorry I was in a hurry this morning…
R: But you had time to meet him….
S: Don’t be so sarcastic I met him at our office….
R: What!!!! What was he doing in our office???
S: Well technically it’s his office now. He has purchased it.
R: “Ho no….! It can’t be true. He is a garment exporter for god’s sake what is he doing in a financial firm???”
S: I don’t know, I did not invite him here. And moreover Maheshwari Group can do anything.
R: Well how can you be so calm when he is here, when he has stormed back literally as an uninvited guest to your life…. We both know he is here just to hurt you. Just speak out dammed….
S: Please Ragu what has to happen has happened, no use of crying over it let’s face it. And you just don’t do any stupidity…. I know Arvind your husband has just lost his job and how badly you need this job for you Arvind and Yash. Just be calm Ragu I will handle the rest
R: But still Swara…
S: No more argument Ragu….

Just then the peon comes to their cabin and ask them to assemble in the conference room.
S: Lets go Ragu we will talk about it latter…
As they arrived the conference room the podium was set and all their directors were seated along with the man himself. All the eyes were set on the Business tycoon Lakesh Maheshwari but his eyes were searching for only a set of beautiful brown eyes Swara’s eyes. And then he saw her entering along with her friend Ragini and few other colleges, His breath nearly stopped for a second but then he composed himself quickly and decided to concentrate on the function ahead.
Soon the speaker requested them all to take their seats and in a rush Swara just collided with her college Mukesh, When Lakesh saw this he jut boiled in anger and thought till today she just can’t see and walk…. And he remembered meeting her for first time.

It seems like yesterday when I had finished my studies and reached back India a day earlier to surprise my family. God I really missed them moreover the espresso made by my mom, nothing can beat it even the best coffee shops in London….
Just I was starting to enjoy my espresso after a long time a girl just collided with me spilling my espresso on my favourite shirt like an angry bird hitting those poor piglets, I was really angry and shouted at her, “ can’t you just see where you are going…. are you blind. You just ruined my best shirt you maid.” Then I got a better look at her face. It was nowhere a maid, it was a very cute face with big almond shaped eyes being its dominant feature , followed by the best pouty lips I had ever seen. Her cheeks had a heavenly bounce that made my hands itch to pull them. It struck me that without even an ounce of makeup she looked like some princess from a fairytale which other girls failed to achieve even after painting their entire body . Her short hairs were the only feature that was odd on her face; well you can say that I am a big fan of long hairs. Just as she was looking at me with an open mouth I just closed it with one of my common jokes, as her innocent looks has just my brain stop its normal functioning.
Just as I was trying to analyze the beauty in front of me, and trying to form a sorry, I heard her resort back as the same angry bird that,” I hope you too have eyes mister and they are functioning well. You should also see beyond your arrogant attitude that was you are going. And if you can actually see my dress is also ruined and it’s my favorite too by your black poison. And I am not a maid here…. Well who the hell are you… and are you doing in Maheshwari house”
The answer struck the sorry in my mouth itself, and now my anger started to escalate. Who was she to question me in my own house? But before I came back with an answer I heard a group laughter and saw the gang led by my brother himself laughing like a manic, and got to know in between laughter that the angry bird in front of me was the great Swara Sharma, the one whom my family has nearly idolized as the best person, listening to whose greatness in last 2-3 months my ears had started to bleed. Well to me she was just a very hot tempered badass girl who does not know how to speak to other. Just a manner less chit. And I was not going to leave her for embracing me in front of my family, sorry Ms Swara you poked a wrong person, now you just wait and watch. I am going to make you pay for this.
From that day onwards I tried to poke and prank Swara on every given occasion. She had woken up the bad child in me. Her short hairs always made me tease her as Swami, Swapy etc… which pricked her to no end. But I always kept my pranks and teasing to a limit as I knew if I went overboard the my bro and dad will just toss a coin just only to decide who will first stab me in my heart for hurting their shona. She was just an integral part of our family and it was hard to imagine her as an outsider.

Flashback ends***


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