Forever and Always ! Part 5


It was just a normal day for everyone in the office….swara was sitting in her cabin doing work given by Sanskar when Ragini came in her cabin…swara was flabbergasted as well as happy to see her there…
Ragini : Swara !
Swara : What a pleasant surprise yaar !! How come you are here ?? Oh how could I forget ..Arjun Haan 😒
Ragini : (blushed ) nothing like that yaar I came to see U specially!! How are u ? And Ur injury ?? Did u go to doctor ?? I know u wouldn’t have ! How much careless are u 😡  even though I told Arjun of take care of that ! Huh idiot..she talked non stop.
Swara : was overhelmed with her care and hugged her tightly and said Calm down dear ❤️ I went to doctor and even changed my dressing..Arjun already made sure of that !
Ragini : Uggh cry baby ! Now stop that 😡 come on let’s go out …
She was about to drag swara out when Sanskar entered..
Sanskar : He saw Ragini and gave her a Bose is the presentation ready ?
Swara : Sorry sir..I’ll just…
Sanskar : Ms Bose I don’t pay you to talk rubbish with people and do tp..people just know to distract others and now I want it in 15 mins he said glaring Ragini..
Ragini who was a bit hurt ran out and swara gave a confused expression! She just completed her work and moved towards sanskars cabin…

Swara: the presentation is ready sir she said looking down..
Sanskar who observed her expressions asked : Is everything alright ms Bose ?
Swara : yes sir all good she said looking here and there..
Sankar was confused since she always had a smile on her lips and cheerfulness but now it was not there !
He just shrugged his thoughts..he was standing near his desk and checking the file and swara said : Can I leave sir ?
Sanskar : yes
She was about to go when her leg twisted and she was about to fall which sanskar noticed and grabbed her by waist…they were lost in each other for a brief period of time when sanskar came into senses and made her stand..
Sanskar : Be careful ms Bose u r already injured..what’s the need to wear such high heels when u can’t carry them 😒
Swara : thanku sir but I can manage …she turned to go and limped which Sanskar saw and a smile appeared on his lips…
Stubborn girl! He thought

Swara was in her hostel sleeping peacefully when her phone rang. …she looked at the name and widened her eyes seeing “Khadoos calling “😂 ..she galnced the clock it was 12 at night..ahe took up the call..
Sanskar :Ms Bose tomorrow we have to leave for Pune for the Singhania deal  so be ready at 6…
Swara : but sir they were supposed to be here right ?
Sanskar : yes but now it’s cancelled so we will be going there ..and u have to accompany me as u r my pa bye gn
Swara was surprised with his behaviour..she thought..uff khadoos Kahi ke ? Ekto pehle maafi mangne ke liye tayar nahi ego hi itnaaa bada hain aur Abhi toh hadhh hain ! Itni raat ko bola ki kal Jana hain ! Pucha bhi nahi ..ohh my beauty sleep 😡😡
Next morning :
Swara was still sleeping when her phone rang..she got up with a jerk and saw the time !! It was damn 5:50 she thought ..huh she cursed her fate and answered the call…yes sir mean I am ready sir..What u are at my hostel?? I am coming sir 😬

Swara immediately got up and got ready taking bath…but she was scared since Sanskar was waiting for waiting for long..she hurriedly went down today see him waiting for her on car….
Sanskar : ms Bose what the hell is this ?! It’s 6:15 damn it can’t u just follow the time😡
Swara : sorry sir I got up late she said and quickly sat down ..Sanskar sighed..
Swara  noticed they were not going towards the airport..she asked..
Sir are we going by road ?
Sanskar :Yes , the flights are cancelled due to rains soo by road…
Swara : ok she looked outside the window…

Precap : Trip to Pune 🖤

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