RevengeFull Love (SDCH) One Shot


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Sanveer was married and they were happy with their child Vikram. Vikram was five years old. One day Veer gets a call from unknown number.
Unknown -hello how r bro
Veer gets teary eyed listening to him.
Unknown – I’m listening to u after how many years.
Veer -pliz cum back bhaiya. I need u bhaiya cum back.
Bhaiya – No veer I can’t cum. I have done many mistakes I left mom Dad and u. I can’t cum back as I promised dad I won’t step at that house and won’t show my face.
Veer -bhaiya pliz cum back. Mom and dad passed away. I dnt have anyone except sanchi and viku.
Bhaiya -now who is sanchi and viku
Veer -bhaiya sanchi is my wife and Vikram is my son. He is just like u. When I see him I always remember u. Pliz cum bhaiya I need u.
Bhaiya -I’m sorry I can’t .Say hi to sanchi and viku. Bye love you take care .
He discounts the calll and cries.
Veer -heloo bhaiya no pliz bhaiya.
Veer throws his phone and cries. Sanchi cums to him.
Sanchi -Kya Hua veer
Veer -nothing go and do ur work.
Sanchi -OK
And she went.
Day after someone rings the door bell. Sanchi goes to open the door. Sanchi gets memorized seeing a handsome tall charming boy. Boy waves his hand then sanchi came to her senses.
Sanchi -yes
Veer -whose it sanchi.
Viku -papa let me check
Viku went and he also gets memomized seeing the boy. Viku went back and brought stool with him. He puts stool and stands on it.
Viku -who r u tall man look I’m I have to bought stool and look at u.
Sanchi -viku this is not the way to talk to elders.
Viku -Maa he is not elder but tall also.
Sanchi -chup ja homework kar.
Sanchi was giving lecture when boy smiles. Viku saw that and gets angry.
Viku – Maa labhu is smiling. Who r u labhu.
Sanchi -viku go
Viku was going and turns back and makes faces looking at boy.
Sanchi -yes aap kon
Boy -veer Malhotra
Sanchi -he is inside cum
Boy -pliz call veer
Sanchi -veer cum out
Veer came out and saw the boy. He smiles at him. He runs and hugs the boy. Boy also responded the hug
Veer -thank you for coming
Boy -it was my pleasure
They broke the hug.
Veer -sanchi he is Kabir
Sanchi -hi
Kabir -helo
Veer -he is my
Kabir -friend
Veer -yes I met him after so many days. Viku cum meet ur uncle
Viku cums and looks at Kabir
Viku -yes dad
Veer -say hi to ur uncle
Viku went near Kabir again stood on the stool.
Viku -hi Lambu uncle
Kabir -hi chotu
Viku -dnt call me that
Kabir -same goes to u
Veer -cum inside Kabir
Kabir-no I’m saying in hotel.
Viku -thank God
Kabir -thanks to u
Veer -viku get Kabir uncle inside and Kabir U r not going anywhere.
Kabir -no veer
Veer -viku

Viku drags Kabir inside. Days passed Kabir staying in Malhotra mansion. Kabir and viku tashan going on.They always fight for same thing. Viku always gets punishment by sanveer. One day viku puts papad on Kabir bed. Kabir was about to sit when sanveer and viku cums.
Viku -lambu uncle sit na
Kabir- yeah I’m going to sit.
Veer -no I’m gonna sit u sit with sanchi.
Viku-nhi papa u won’t sit here
Kabir -yes u won’t sit here only I and viku can
Viku -no not me u sit.
Kabir -no u too
Kabir makes viku sit. Viku was scared of papad. When he sat down he felt very relief.Kabir sat on the papad. He shouts like a baby. Viku was laughing badly. Kabir saw him laughing. He shouts again. Viku asked him to stop it. Sanveer left kabvik alone. Viku was getting down when he saw lots of rose petals. He smiles seeing it.
Vikram -Lambu uncle u know before that I kept papad na. U still sit on it. Y
Kabir-just for ur smile chotu.
Viku smiles else well as Kabir
Viku -friends Lambu uncle
Kabir -friends chotu
They shake hands and sanveer smile seeing them. Veer gets a call and he left huridly. Kabir asked sanchi where did veer went. Sanchi replied dnt know. Sanchi asked Kabir to take care of viku she is going to market. Kabir agreed and sanchi went. Kabir and viku play with each other.
Otherside veer talking with someone.
Veer -I dnt knew who is doing this
Person -I knew but now u will die
Veer -but wat I’ve done.
Person was about to shoot veer when someone else shot the man and he died.
Veer smiles at that person -thanks for saving my life.
Person -only I have right to kill u
Veer gets Shocked. The person shoots at veer. Veer remember Kabir Viku and his bro convo and closes his eyes and takes his last breath. Veer body cums home and kanchivik cries seeing him. Veer last rites r done. Kabir took care of viku and sanchi. Days passed to 1 month.One day sanchi was coming downstairs she slipped and Kabir holds her. They gave a eye lock. Sanchi’s aunties cums and saw them like that. They taunt sanchi that she has affair with Kabir. Kabir gets angry and gives his lectures. Kabir went to school to pick Vikram. Viku all his friends taunts him. Viku cries and rans away from there he bumbs Kabir. Kabir asked him why is crying. Viku told him they are saying my father won’t cum back. He left me. Now I dnt have a papa. Kabir wipes his tears and asked him not to cry coz his other father is always there for u.
Viku -really
Viku hugs Kabir. Kabir took viku home.
Otherside a police man beats people.
People -sir we dnt knew who killed veer
Acp- I want that curprit. Veer was my brother. I won’t leave that killer. Veer I promise u will get justice ur brother will do justice.
He Went
Viku went to play with his friends. Nobody is playing with him. He gets teary eyed.
Viku -y u guys not playing with me. Guys I have other father too.
Vik friends – now who is ur new papa
Viku -Kabir

Friends -hahaha they didn’t married each other.
Viku -so wat now they will marry each other.
He left and cums to kanchi and ask them to Marry each other. They disagreed. Two days passed viku didn’t eat something. He was playing when he fell uncounsious. Kanchi took him to hospital. Dr told them he hasn’t eat something .Kanchi were shocked. They feed viku but he doesn’t want to eat. He still asks them to marry. Sanchi agreed and Kabir gets Shocked. He asked wat is she saying. Sanchi told him she lost veer but now I can’t loose vikram. Will you marry me. Viku asked Kabir to marry mama for veer papa pliz. A lot of objection finally Kabir said yes and kanchi got married. Days passed to 1 year. In theses kanchi loves each other madly. They were happy with each other but Kabvik always misses veer. One day Kabir was finding something he gets Shocked to see something.He takes it and went somewhere.
Kabir -r u sure
Person -yes sir everything is matching.
Kabir -but I dnt have a proof
Person -sir we have only 24hrs if not then case will be closed.
Kabir -no I wont how can u. I hate u.
Kabir left home.
Kabir sits with Vikram. Kabir is telling something to viku which is muted. Viku cries and Kabir consoles him.
Viku went to sanchi -mama lambu papa is bad person.
Sanchi -q beta
Viku – lambu papa is bad. He is talking with someone else.
Sanchi -OK I’m going
Sanchi went upstairs and stopped in her track when she heard Kabir talking.
Kabir – yeah It’s gud veer died. I killed him.Now u have to give his all property to me as u said. Now I want all my veer money. After that I’ll dump sanchi and Vikram. Sanchi went somewhere and came back. Kabir gets Shocked sanchi pointing gun towards Kabir.
Kabir -Sanchi wat r u doing
Sanchi -u killed veer how can u
Kabir -yes I killed veer
Sanchi -how can u kill veer. U killed veer y. For money
Kabir – yes for money
Sanchi -u didnt kill him and u won’t get that money
Kabir -I killed him
Sanchi -no
Kabir -yes
Sanchi -no u can’t
Kabir -y
Sanchi starts laughing -u didn’t but I killed him.
Kabir -y
Sanchi – Becz of his brother
Kabir -wat did he do
Sanchi – he killed my sister
Kabir – no he can’t
Sanchi -I’m sorry Kabir I love u but I have to kill u. I love u.
She was about to shoot him when lady constable snached gun and slapped her.
Inspector -I salute to u sir despite u love her and u fulfilled ur promise.
They took sanchi jail. Her hearing is done. Lawyer calls Acp on witnesses box. Sanchi gets Shocked as Kabir enters wearing police uniform and his name plate Kabir Malhotra. Kabir gives all evidence .Sanchi got life time imprisonment. Sanchi tries to touch Vikram when Vikram stopped her and hugs Kabir. Police took away sanchi. Kabir went to jail to meet sanchi.
Sanchi -Kabir pliz take me from here pliz.
Kabir -I didn’t came here to see u but I came here to clear ur doubt . Whom did I killed. I didn’t kill anyone sanchi.
Sanchi – pinky yaad hai
Kabir -pinky tumari bahen hai. I know she loved me but I told her I dnt love her.
Sanchi -it’s all Becz of u she committed suicide. If I lost my sis. I wanted u to lose ur bro that’s y I killed him.
Kabir – if u hate me that much u should kill me not my veer. He loved u and I also.
In fb it’s shown veer saw sanchi and she shot him. End of fb.
Sanchi -if u r his bro then y u came here as veer friend .
Kabir – I wanted to become a police officer but dad didn’t allowed. He asked me to choose between family or. …I chose my dream. Dad asked me not to show him my face. They passed away i came but didn’t saw them. That day I called veer coz I was missing him. When I heard about viku I couldn’t stop myself. Veer knew it that I won’t say no to viku that’s y he asked viku to drag me.
Sanchi -how u got too know that I killed veer
Kabir – when I was searching something I saw ur gun and blood was still there. So I got a doubt on u. I tested and all proofs r pointing towards u. I didn’t have proof that’s y I told everything to Vikram. That I’m his bade papa.
Sanchi -pliz Kabir take me out of this. U love me na I love u too.
Kabir -I love u too but I love veer more than u. I hate myself to love u. Bye sanchi now my veer got justice. Dnt worry for viku. I’m there for him. U made him orphan but not anymore. I’m there for him.
Sanchi -Kabir U can’t leave me like this Kabir.
Kabir left. Sanchi shouts. Kabir cums out of jail and saw viku. Kabir went and huged him.
Kabir -r u ready chotu to make ur new start.
Vikram -yes lambu papa. Only u me and my veer papa memory.

They went holding hands.

The End

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