Faults in my star episode 9


Meher – revan u here my mehendi
Revan- meher it was going to harm u
M- but
She becomes sad and than revan goes and brings mehendi bowl
R- I have made this now can u put
She hugs him Kusum clears her throat they get apart kabir smiles
Kabir pov
Khawish I can’t give you my love and meher also I am really ashamed please forgive me but our daughter is getting the happiness she deserves
Revan and vidyut goes mehendi is being applied to meher
R-  sanjana again
V- bhai relax
R- you are right i should find out some clues from kabir sir’s cabin
He went to sdcah

In kabir’s cabin
Revan is searching and he opens a drawer he found one letter
It was from khawish  in letter
Kabir I can’t bear ur hatred towards me and meher i know till I am alive you could not live happily so I have to take this step I have to leave you I am going kabir very far…..
Revan pov
Khawish mam ki body kabhi mili nahi and this letter she told that she is going is she alive or some one killed her annad malhotra he is in jail veer sir and sanchi man can’t do this savitri mam no ways jaya mam no than who is left either adarsh malhotra or neeta malhotra but wait one more is left and she is gayatri malhotra….
His pov end
He left from there
At night
Kapoor mansion
Kabir Kusum and meher were having dinner
Kus- meher teri mehendi dikha
M- jii dadi
She shows it was deeply dark and Revan’s name was even more
Kus- are wah matlab revan tujhe bhaut pyaar karega
She shy kabir smiles
Kus- pata nahi kal ke baad main kaise raho gi
M- dadi Papa Hain na wo mujhse nafrat karte Hain but aap se nahi na
She left from there
Kus- kabir kab tak use sach chupaye ga beta wo tujh se nafrat karne lagi
K- MAA Iska matlab main uski jaan khartre main daloo
He leaves
With meher she was talking to revan
M- kya iska matlab maa is alive
R- I don’t know but gayatri malhotra ka kiya dhara Hain Sab kuch acha leave it now meher we are getting married
M- hmmm
She sees her mehendi
R- aa raha hoon kal
M- aa jaye
R- love you meher
He kissed the phone
M- love u too revan
She kissed the phone
Next morning 
Meher woke up and smiles
My best day of life
With revan also same
Okk evening
Marriage decoration was going on
Meher was dressing up sanjana was sad while revan was thinking about meher
Revan’s baraat came Kusum and kabir welcome him and his family.
Meher came down she was looking beautiful and was made sited beside him soon  their pheras started but meher was not feeling well she was going to fainted but revan carried her and took the pheras she looked at him lovingly he made sited down and filled her head with vermilion and tie a nuptial chain they were not wife and husband Mr and Mrs sarna they were happy.
Now bidai meher cried a lot kabir controlled his tears Kusum cried a lot
In car
Revan consoled meher and she was resting on his arms revan caressed her they reached sarna mansion Revan’s mom and family welcomed her and did their a arti they performed rituals but in that ring one they took out ring together they smiled
Meher was taken to his room  she was nervous revan came and locked the door she shivers revan came and sat beside her
R- meher i am not going to do anything without ur permission
M- revan I want this all after finding out the culprit
R- u are right meher now go and change u must be tired
M- hmmm
He helped her to get up and changed his dress also both slept in each other embrace.


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