Ajeeb Daastaan ~ Twinj Fs # CutShorts


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Thanks to all those who liked it and commented 😘

This is a small kind of cut short scenes from the upcoming track…. ☺

scene # 1

A boy and a girl are shown sitting in a truck between the grass and a cow 😛

Scene # 2

The girl is walking and suddenly fall down and get hurt…
Everything is dark and surrounded with trees……

Scene # 3

A village is shown and a girl and a boy are seen in their house it is burning…….there is a child who is crying and shouting for help looking at those people burning….

Scene # 4

The same child is seen sitting and crying between whole village and people are hitting and taunting him…

thanks you guys don’t know myself what’s gonna come up but something interesting for sure… 😍

all thanks to fenu bhai if he would have not given me this task this idea i would not have tried to come up with this story and ideas toh never 🤭
sooo thanks bhai 😊

love you all friends please do comment and press the like/dislike button…💖


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