Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Review: Gripping tale with impactful performances


Star Plus’ new show Rishton Ke Chakravyuh is a story revolving around Anami and Satrupa’s love and hate relation. Anami hates Satrupa for a very valid reason, but Satrupa loves her. Satrupa is very strict towards her. The relations are complicated. They get caught up in an emotional turmoil.

Satrupa loses her son Vatsalya to enmity, greed and hatred of relatives. The family loses their legal heir. Just then, Satrupa decides to get Anami home to make her occupy Vatsalya’s place. Anami does not know about her roots, but the fate brings her mother to her door. Satrupa takes the task to change Anami. Anami does not care for the royal family, and sticks to her habits. Satrupa mends Anami, while bearing her anger and annoyance. Satrupa’s journey begins when she makes Anami her next strength.

Main Characters:

Satrupa is a strong headed woman. She is too stubborn and determined. She is a manipulative and power player kind of person. She is a very classy and balanced lady. She manages her work and family well. She belongs to a big royal family, but is very rooted. She will do anything for her family. She loves her family a lot. She has abandoned Anami after her birth to secure her life. Satrupa needs Anami after 17 years so that her power stays in her hands. Satrupa and Anami get along by the twist of fate. She is business minded and does not melt by family relations. She is close to her father in law, who raised her as a daughter. She has learnt business skills from him.

Anami hates her biological mother Satrupa. Her hatred is justified. She is a pure soul, but has much bitterness in her. She is very lovable, confident and good hearted. She is true to everyone. She takes her own decisions herself. She brings a storm around. She is raised by a Pandit’s family. She is given good values by her foster family. She is very earthy and does not care for her looks. She likes to be natural. She finds the royal family living a fake life. Anami is bold enough to secure herself and her closed ones. She has a difficult relation with Satrupa. She starts bonding with her father Baldev. She does not know Satrupa and her relation got caught up in complexities because of Baldev.


Narayani Shastri as Satrupa
Mahima Makwana as Anami
Sangita Ghosh as Sudha
Ankit Siwach as CBI officer Adhiraj
Akash Gill as Narottam
Praneet Bhat as Pujan Singh
Karishma Kapur as Pujan’s wife
Ieshaan Sehgaal as Avdhoot Pratap Singh
Ajay Chaudhary as Baldev Singh
Anju Mahendru as Baldev’s mother
Mohit Chauhan as Pandit Murari Pathak
Lubna Salim as Madhu Pathak
Devarshi Shah as Vatsalya Vikram Singh
Tom Alter as Guruji

Story So Far:

Lal Mahal witnesses the birth of their heir. A huge puja is kept in the palace. The family does not know about their bahu Satrupa giving birth to twins. Satrupa sends away her daughter with her maid to Pandit Murari Pathak. Murari gets saddened that the baby had to get away from her mother, but pledges to give her a secure future. Murari names the baby Anami. He believes Lord has given the power to Anami to write her own fate. The royal family in Lal Mahal welcomes their heir, Satrupa’s son Vatsalya Vikram Singh.

The family celebrates Vatsalya’s birth. A close relative Pujan Singh enters the scene and determines to break their great joy by his evil intentions. The story takes a leap of 17 years, where Vatsalya and Anami are seen as teenagers. Anami is raised by Murari and his family in Varanasi. Anami is much loved by Murari, his wife Sudha and their son Laddu. Anami and Laddu expose a fraud saint. Anami does not want anyone to spoil Ganga ji’s name. Laddu falls in the river, but Anami saves him. Madhu gets angry on Anami for risking Laddu’s life.

Anami gets heartbroken when Madhu calls her someone else’s child. Anami complains to Lord for not giving her birth from Madhu’s womb. She feels terrible when her birthday gets close. Vatsalya’s birthday is celebrated in Lal Mahal. Dada ji announces Vatsalya as their family heir, the sole person who would take responsibilities of family and business. Pujan eyes the business and wants to get their company Royal steels in his hands.

Dada ji makes Satrupa and Pujan caretakers of Vatsalya till he turns 18. Dada ji asks Satrupa to do arrangements for their trip to Banaras for heirship puja. Satrupa and Vatsalya’s close bond is seen. Satrupa gets angry on Baldev, who has an illegitimate son Narottam, who resides in Lal Mahal. Narottam is often insulted by Pujan and his son Avdhoot, who make him dance and entertain them. Vatsalya loves everyone in the family. The family reaches Banaras for the puja. Pujan calls up goon to get Vatsalya killed and present his murder as an accident.

Anami gets sad on her birthday. She drops a diya in Ganga ji to break her ties with her mother, who has abandoned her. Satrupa gets ahead with Vatsalya’s abhishek. Anami meets Vatsalya while he does some charity at the ghat. They have an argument and keep their perceptions in front of each other. Satrupa’s maid happens to see Murari. She goes to the family’s Guru ji and tells him about sighting Murari at the ghat. She guesses even Satrupa’s daughter is close.

A flashback shows Satrupa giving away her daughter to the maid to secure her future. Satrupa finds it heartbreaking to part away her daughter, but does so to keep the family traditions. Satrupa hugs her daughter for the last time. She asks the maid to give her daughter in safe hands. Guru ji gives a spiritual thread for Vatsalya. Dada ji and Baldev are seen having a cold relation because of Baldev’s illegitimate son.

Vatsalya and Anami meet at the ghat again. They have a talk regarding their mothers and soon turn into friends. They find their lives very connected, unknown they are twins. Pujan’s goons attack on Vatsalya. They try to sink him in waters. Anami saves Vatsalya from the goons. Soon his bodyguard Tej Singh arrives and rescues them. Vatsalya gives his Rakshasutra to Anami as a sign of friendship. He tells her that if he had a sister, she would have been just like her. Satrupa and Tej Singh find the goons and try to find out the person behind the attacks. The goons fail to provide any info. Satrupa orders Tej Singh to drown the goons in the river.

The family returns home. Vatsalya argues with his family for pursuing studies in Delhi. Satrupa does not allow Vatsalya to stay in hostel while keeping his security in mind. Vatsalya gets upset with her. Pujan advises Vatsalya to run away from home. Vatsalya gets provoked and leaves from Lal Mahal at night. Pujan takes advantage of this situation and sends his goon to kill Vatsalya. Satrupa finds out that Vatsalya has gone missing. Baldev orders Tej Singh to find Vatsalya. Tej Singh tracks Vatsalya and makes him communicate with Satrupa. She agrees to permit Vatsalya for his studies away from home. She asks Vatsalya to come home soon. The mother-son duo sings songs to shorten the journey. Pujan’s goon hits Vatsalya’s car. Vatsalya meets with a deadly accident.

Satrupa hears the crash sound on call and cries. Vatsalya and Tej Singh die on the spot. Anami’s Rakshasutra breaks, which signs her of some bad happening to Vatsalya. The family mourns for Vatsalya’s death. A lady Sudha is seen, who holds bitterness for the royal family. She feels Vatsalya got punished for the mistakes committed by his ancestors. At CBI headquarters, an officer Adhiraj shows his interest in Vatsalya’s case. He gets the permission to investigate about Vatsalya’s death. Adhiraj’s roots also has connection with Lal Mahal. Satrupa tries to kill herself when she fails to overcome her sorrow. Adhiraj promises to write the fate of Lal Mahal.

Our Take:

The show has an interesting plot. The strong and different characterizations make the tale a gripping one. There are many multi layered characters. It just raises the curiosity in viewers’ minds. The performances are very much natural and powerful. Narayani Shastri and Mahima Makwana are the perfect actors chosen for the roles of Satrupa and Anami. Supporting cast is equally good.

The visuals of Banaras’ locales are very much pleasing. Lal Mahal set looks much lavish. There is nothing overdone in any scene, be it dialogues, drama, costumes or sets. Everything is apt as per the story’s demand. The characters are much realistic. Every actor got a well crafted character to portray. The negative characters add up necessary drama. Human attributes are shown with clear practicality. This show comparatively has less fiction. The social subject of unwanted girl child is highlighted. Story and characters connect well in scenes. Dialogues are powerful and plot based.


There is less stretching, less mystery and less show off. This makes the show worth watching. The show can work well if it sticks to the main concept of mother-daughter’s cold relation turning into a strong bond.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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