Swasan : Naughty Pair Part 8


Swara and Khushi was in kitchen preparing pakodas as her lovely devar asked for evening snacks
Sanskar was sitting on the kitchen slab eating garam garam pakodas arnav was in living room having coffee suddenly they heard someone voice
Voice : babies
Hearing the voice pakodas fell down from sanskar mouth and arnav started to choke
Swakhu : poppy…
Shekhar hugged them sanskar came out and saw arnav still coughing he tapped on his head and gave water after relaxing sannav saw each other face
Sannav : VILLIAN
Swakhu glared them shekhar gave I don’t care look
Khushi : how r u dad we missed you
Shekhar : I’m fine and missed you too my babies
Sanskar : (monologue) she is my baby  mera pyaar kii dushman
Arnav: (monologue)does he think that he is still teenage to call them babies bada aya budda kahika
Shekhar : is they( showing sannav ) taking care of you baccho if not tell me I will take care of them in my style
Sannav gulped hard
Swara : first come and sit have coffe then we will talk
They talked for hours taking it as oppurchunity swakhu complained about them adding some more masala to it listening this in anger smoke was coming  in shekhar both ears he was giving I will kill you look seeing him scared sannav dispersed to their room

In sanskar room
Arnav was fully in angry mood he wanted to do something to shekhar but kept quite as he can’t do anything in front of his sherni wife
Sanskar : munching pakodas bhai why you call shekhar uncle as VILLIAN
Arnav : because he is the villian of my love story u know I and your bhabhi did love marriage he was against  our marriage I literally begged him for your bhabhi by god grace he agreed in marriage day blood came out of my ear hearing his repeating one line take care of my daughter otherwise I will shoot you ya I know he has license gun but for animals haunting not mine but he wanted to hunt me you know sanskar I tolerated him for all these things but he cheated me sanskar when he made me sleep with him in my first night na he became real VILLIAN to me you know I was dreaming so many things about my first night but yeh budda because of change of place he was not getting sleep it seems so he started to give pravachan for becoming ideal husband to me and ended up sleeping in my decorated bedroom where Khushi should be with me  then she slept with swara saying not to disturb his poppy sleep blo*dy Poppins
By listening this sanskar was rolling on floor laughing arnav sat with a cute pout
Arnav : by the way y u call him villian
Sanskar: because you call him villian and raising his imaginary caller I’m your follower bhai   to himself and to practice from now only because I know for bhabhi he did this much cruel with you then for her last laadli beti he will do much more with me I think he will not fix suhagraat also poor me I should only do something in this I will not listen swara also I don’t want to destroy my lovely suhagrat
Arnav called him he came into scenes they had their dinner
Next day sanskar went early as he was having a project to complete so swara came with Ragini in her scooty they were in traffic and sahil was in car observing swara moves and got attracted to her he started to love her girls came to college and sahil started to flirt with swara dirtly she didn’t take it seriously and didn’t say anything to sanskar the day passed one day swasan raglak and sahil went to pub in dance floor swasan and raglak was dancing sahil was irked with swara sanskar closeness and went from there swasan danced sensually to romantic song
Ragini : so what’s going on between you two
Swara : nothing as you think
Laksh : but you guys are making us to think sanskar tell me you know more than friends we are like brothers so common disclose the matter fast
Sanskar : emotional blackmail OK yes we both love each other we r in relationship just that we don’t want to make it official firstly we want to settle in our life
Raglak started hooting and teasing for them
Laksh forwarding alcohol common guys let’s enjoy Swara denied as she don’t drink
Sanskar : common swara iam with you I won’t let anything cross you before me
Swara : I trust you sanskar
Swara smiled and took the glass
Laksh : cheers to my besty love bottom ups
All four of them drank in one go
Swara became full tipsy and started to blabber something three of them were having tough time to control her and ended up taking a hotel room Ragini informed arnav that they are having sleep over in her house arnav agreed as he trust blindly on his chote he will not let a scratch on her and our Khushi bhabhi never think about her because of her superman devar

In hotel room
Sanskar entered carrying swara he made her sleep on the bed and went to freshup he came out but swara ran and throwed up everything she got freshup and came out sanskar saw her she was wearing bathrobe with a cute pout
Sanskar : why are you making this face
Swara : I don’t have anything to wear I want dress
Sanskar : I already ordered dress morning you will get now come and sleep
Swara was not ready to sleep so so they started to watch movie  in movie a hot scene was going on swara switched off the TV
Sanskar : why jaan what happened r u sleepy come let’s sleep
Swara :(huskly) s we sleep but not before doing some naughty things saying this she started to seduce him she on music system and played ang laga dere song she started to dance seductively she removes his shirt sanskar was losing his control at the end of the song swara removed her bathrobe sanskar was shocked to see her completely without any barrier swara was melting under his gaze he came towards her and cups her cheeks he lightly pecks her lips  both were stared with each other with passing smile. Sanskar tilted Swara’s chin with his hand, moved his chin little bit closer and kissed her on lips passionately which was so romantic. Their bodies close to each other, his face were near hers, his rough lips over her soft ones. He kept exploring her mouth in that position. Their tongue fought with each other and Swara could felt his hands moving across her hips.
breaking the kiss swara hugged him
Swara :(breathing heavily) love me sanskar make me yours
Sanskar breaks the hug and looks in her eyes he scoops her in his arms and take her to bed he came over her and saw her eyes he leaned and captures her lips he kisses her nape earlobe swara was moaning heavily after sometime it was stopped sanskar saw her sleeping peacefully he smiled and kissed her forehead
Sanskar : I know swara you are mine I also want you to make you mine but I don’t want to take advantage of this situation I want you to see me feel me when I love you I want us to become one in our sense not like this when I saw your eyes it should show our love not afraid which I saw now after this I know you will regret though you trust me but I don’t want to loose your trust and also not bhai and bhabhi they trusted me so they gave permission to stay out at night I don’t want to break their trust he kissed her forehead got up and took his shirt he made her ware his shirt so that morning when she gets up no need to get worry about her act he took her in his embrace and hugged her tightly pecking her forehead  I love U jaan

Morning swara and sanskar both got up together swara kissed his cheek
Swara : good morning sansku
Sanskar hugged her wishing her seeing her confused face he told about last night drunk act leaving her seduce act swara calmly went to freshup  and got ready sanskar was confused
Sanskar : swara don’t you ask how you got into my shirt and me being shirtless
Swara : circling her hands around his neck why should I ask you when I trust you
Sanskar encircling his hands around her waist
Sanskar : itna trust
Swara : kudh se bhi zyaada
Sanskar kissed her forehead and got fresh up then went to spend time with family as it was Sunday
Sunday is funday which is family day


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