DIFFICULT TO HANDLE (SwaSan ts) Shot 3 by Marsuu


Difficult To Handle (SwaSan ts)
Shot 3:
Recap: swasan marriage😘 and water scene😂😂😂

SwaSan are still in the pool when swara jerked him. Sanskar came out of the pool followed by Swara, it was so slippery so they were moving very carefully. Suddenly they remembered they have to go to washroom. Both ran and coincidentally reached at the same time.
” I will first go” swara said holding the handle of the door.
” no its my house I will go” sanskar was also not ready to leave the handle.
” shut up” swara shouted.
Sanskar picked her throw on the bed and ran to washroom.
” idiot!! He always pick me and throw here and there as if I’m toy I can’t do that also with this gaint man” swara went out of the room blabbering to herself.
Sanskar came out after changing and didn’t find swara. He went out and from servants he got to know she slept in the guest room.
Sanskar peeped from the window and saw swara lying on the bed.
” this disturbance is better here only” sanskar mumble and went to his room feeling relief that he can sleep peacefully.

Next morning:
Swara after getting ready went to sanskar’s room, when she enter inside ,a servant came out placing sanskar’s clothes and other needed things. Swara saw his white shirt and black pant. She thought to take the revenge of last night. She took black marker from the table. She smirk evilly and write on back side of Sanskar’s shirt
” perfect” she giggles looking at it. She place the shirt properly making sure Sanskar won’t see her creativity.
She ran out of the room before sanskar come out.
Later, sanskar was wearing his clothes while talking on the phone. He hurriedly wore the shirt without noticing.
After getting ready sanskar came down and all the workers are suppressing their laugh reading what is written at his shirt. In Sanskar’s one hand is his mobile and on the other one is his over coat. Swara is sitting on the sofa crossing her legs and munching apple.
” what the hell makes you all laugh” sanskar roared as he observed all are laughing. Swara was acting so innocent.
” tell me” sanskar asked furiously.
” sir something is written on your shirt” one bodyguard gained the courage and said.
Sanskar saw swara is giggling while eating. Sanskar understood it is done by her.He went near her and holding her wrist he dragged her to the room.

Sanskar shut the door harshly jerking swara. His eyes are burning which little scared swara but she won’t show.
Sanskar remove his shirt and saw what’s written. After reading he glare at swara. Swara closed her eyes as he is shirtless.
” shameless” she mumble but audible to sanskar. He smirk and remove his inner also.
” swara” he called her and she widen her eyes.
” Don’t open your clothes to show me your one or two abs” swara roll her eyes.
” open your buttons like eyes and see these are 6 abs” sanskar got angry when she made fun of his body.
” huh!! Only 6 arjun has 8 abs and he is more handsome than you” swara told proudly.
Sanskar only registered she is talking about some boy named arjun and he has shown his abs to her. Who the hell is he!?? ” I don’t care” sanskar thought at last trying to ignore why he didn’t liked when she said about other man.
” just shut up” sanskar said and changed his shirt. Its seriously waste to talk to this girl.

SwaSan came near the car followed by bodyguards and there is tight security around.
” how you breathe in this crowd?” She asked looking at big big guards.
” I’m habitual and you should also be” sanskar said wearing his black shades while swara make faces. Swara look at his car which hitted her scooty. She fumed and take out her hair pin and put scratch on his car.
” swara this car is of 7 crores” sanskar shouted at her stupidity.
” though my scooty is of 70 thousands but I love it a lot”she shouted back. Swara saw all guards took their guns as she tried to harm Sanskar’s property and went against him.
Swara cross her arms at her chest.
” ohhh hello tower men show these guns to someone else I’m not scared” she pointed to the guards.
” and Mr Sanskar Maheshwari use these weapons against your weak enemies not me” she flipped her finger in front of him and went inside the car.
” no need to react towards her” Sanskar ordered his gaurds and they bowed their heads. Sanskar was about to sit inside the car when swara again came out.
” now what you want??” Sanskar asked getting annoyed.
” I want my scooty in one piece with two tyres and two handles and one mirror ..” She started explaining mechanical parts of her scooty.
” you will get it” sanskar shouted shutting her mouth.
” aww good boy” she pull his cheeks and ran back inside the car.
” being with her my reputation is at stake” he thought and went to the car.

Sanskar’s car stopped infront of a mansion and it is the place where sujata and ram are living.
” see behave properly in front of my parents and don’t tell how we got married” sanskar tried to make her understand though he know she will do of her own only.(smart hai😂😂)
” okay I will try” swara said showing her tantrums.
They enter inside the beautiful designed hall. Sanskar held swara’s hands and went near Sofas where sujata and ram are sitting.
” mom see who came” sanskar said as they approached.
Swara went and took their blessings and they smile at her manners.(that sanskar only know😂😝)
Sujata and ram are very humble and kind people.
” who is she sanskar?” Sujata asked confusedly.
” your mil mom didn’t Sanskar Ji told” swara said suppressing her laugh.
” you got married sanskar??” Sujata asked almost jumping from the sofa.
” yes mom she is swara actually…” He said but further no one listened. Sujata hugged swara happily. From last two years sujata and ram were requesting Sanskar to marry but he was behaving like allergic to girls and now when he got married they are happy as they trust his choice.
” I’m so happy” sujata said and ran to his room.
” God bless you both” ram smile and left as he got call.
Sanskar glare swara for her over acting and she smile sheepishly.
Sujata came back with a box in her hand.
” this is from my side” she gifted swara heavy necklace.
” I don’t want this plz” she said as she not that fond of jewels and all.
” still its ritual” she said and place in her lap. Swara and sujata sit together and sanskar in front of them for safety so that swara should not do something stupid.
“Swara how you both met??” Sujata asked.
” okay I will tell you our love story” swara said excitedly. Sanskar wondered which love story she will tell.
” actually when I was in college, Sanskar used to roam around my college and trying to impress me. He was like a love sick puppy what to tell mom. Then every day he used to give me roses and so many love letters” swara cooked a super story.
” then what happened??” Sujata asked curiously.
” then I felt pity on him and I was taught to have mercy and as I’m very humble so I accepted him and then now we got married” swara was self praising and sanskar signed at her.
” that’s why you were not marrying someone else sanskar??” Sujata asked. Sanskar nodded giving a fake smile.
” we will keep reception where we can meet swara’s family also. Let me talk to ram ji” sujata went from there.
” how much you lie swara” sanskar said placing his left leg on right knee.
” you should be thankful I didn’t told how you married me” she scrunched her nose.
” same story at your house also or different??” He asked.
” that will be surprise” swara giggles.
To be continued…

It will be ten shots as I have more ideas to cover in one part sorry for that.
Thank you


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