Recap: swara failed dadi’s plan and she went to meet Sanskar. Sanskar make sure swara should be fine.

Hope Hospital:
Swara is sitting in her cabin and attending patients as per her daily routine. When suddenly door open and dheeraj came running inside but stopped to say as he saw patients.
Later when they went dheeraj came near swara and hugged her.
” what happened dheeraj??” She asked getting confused.
” he is coming back” he said controlling his excitement.
” sanskar??” Swara asked with high hopes in her eyes.
” yes now only I got call from our lawyer tomorrow he is going to be release” dheeraj said.
Swara sit on the chair instantly as her knees went weak she closed her eyes as the result tears of happiness fall down. How much her ears were longing to hear this news.
” take this” dheeraj handed her water understanding her situation.
It was damm long five years she waited for him and finally with God’s grace her wait is over her sanskar is coming back.
” when we will go” she asked wiping her tears.
” tomorrow at 1 pm ” dheeraj told. Swara nodded but then her mind went to her house.
” let’s go home will tell all” swara said wrapping her things.
” okay” dheeraj said and they both left to the house.

Swara and Dheeraj came inside one simple two storey house which is beautifully designed. Swara enter inside running and hugged sujata who was in the hall.
” swara what happened??” Sujata asked as she felt swara is crying.
” sanskar is coming back tomorrow” swara said.
Ram and ansh are also in hall. All got happy to know the good news.
” where is she??” Swara asked looking at the clock it’s 4 in the evening and she must be back from school.
” sleeping in the room” sujata said smilingly.
Swara went to her room which is on first floor. She slowly open the door and saw a little girl of about 4 years is sleeping in the centre of the bed surrounded by many teddy bears. She is bubly cute and beautiful to the core. Her long silky hairs are lying on the pillow. Swara went near her and putting one teddy aside she sit beside her.
” seerat” swara softly called her but she don’t want to get up so cover her face with pillow. Swara smile at her antics.
Swara thought something then lean towards her whispering in her ear “papa is coming”
Seerat opened her Hazel doe brownish eyes instantly as she listened about her papa. As swara saw her widen eyes, she remember Sanskar. Seerat and Sanskar’s eyes are same brown in colour.
” when??” Seerat asked jumping on the bed.
” tomorrow” swara pulled her in her lap.
” yippeee tomorrow I will not go to school as I have to welcome papa he is coming after so long time” seerat extend her arms wide.
” okay” swara kiss her cheeks.
” seerat looks very happy” dheeraj said as he enter inside the room.
” buddy you know my papa is coming” she jumped in his arms.
” wow that’s great” dheeraj cheered her.
” I’m soo happy” seerat shouted expressing her happiness.
Tears fell from swara’s eyes wishing everything will be fine now.
” at least don’t cry now swara” dheeraj said as he saw her tears. Swara smile and wipe her tears.

At night:
Swara came after changing into night wears. She saw seerat is sitting on the floor and so many things are scattered around her.
“Seerat what’s all this??” Swara asked picking her in her arms.
” mamma I’m taking the gifts I bought for papa I have to give him na” she said.
“Papa will be here only then give now sleep” swara made her lie on the bed.
” wake me soon I will also come to take papa” seerat said.
” you will not come” swara told.
” why??” Seerat made sad face.
” kids are not allowed there papa will come at home only” swara explained her.
” okay” seerat smile and closed her eyes. Soon seerat slept.
Swara will not be able to sleep tonight. Finally the day is coming tomorrow when she will be able to see sanskar after 5 years. Last time she met him that day only when she told about adarsh. Even she used to go after that but Sanskar was shifted to Delhi as he was prohibited to meet anyone. Swara was totally broken she lost all the hopes to live but when she got to know she is having a life in herself she got courage to live for Sanskar and their symbol of love. Swara caress seerat’s hairs. She never let seerat felt her papa is not there in fact she loves her papa more than anything though she never saw him in real just listened about sanskar from swara and other family members. Seerat has seen sanskar in pictures and she thinks his papa is sooo handsome. Their room is filled with SwaSan and seerat’s pics. They are not real but collage and edits. Swara don’t want that seerat should behave like strangers with Sanskar. In her every topic, her papa is always there and swara is proud of herself that she is successful in keeping sanskar in seerat’s heart.
Swara closed her eyes thinking all this and how sanskar will react after knowing he is father of a daughter.

Next morning:
A fresh morning bringing new hopes in swara’s life. She got up and went to washroom to fresh up. Later, she came out wearing royal blue saree which sanskar gifted her for the last time. She smile looking in the mirror. Her cheeks turn pink just thinking how he will react.
” mamma papa came” seerat asked as she got up breaking swara’s chain of thoughts.
” no he will come in the afternoon” swara said moving towards her.
” thank god then I can make so many pleplations” seerat twisted her lips speaking last word.
” it’s preparations” swara laugh and pull cheeks. Seerat make faces as she felt little difficulty in speaking long words.
” come let’s take bath” swara picked her and went to washroom.

Swara and dheeraj went to central jail bcoz there only sanskar is going to come. All others are preparing at home as for them it is an occasion. And the most excited one is Seerat.
Swara is desperately waiting for Sanskar.
” it’s 1 dheeraj when he will come” swara said not able to control more.
” there he comes” dheeraj said when finally sanskar came out followed by few police inspector and constables. Swara look at him and a smile came on her face seeing her love after long five years. He has grown beard and messy hairs. His face is blank as he don’t expect anyone who came for him.
Swara ran and hugged him tightly which made him stumble back due to the intensity of the hug. Sanskar’s tired eyes got closed as he felt her warmth. The only word he was able to mumble was ” Swara”.
To be continued…

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